Most exciting Smart Masks of CES 2021

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In some respects CES 2021 is a reflection of the last year in tech and lifestyle; with that in mind, we don’t really need to explain why smart face masks were one of the many products shown off at the annual tech event.

The Active Plus from tech company AirPop isn’t the first mouth cover to call itself a ‘smart face mask’, but it may be the first to deserve that title, as it has a few useful health features, as well as smartphone app integration.

Never one to disappoint on crazy designs, Razer has revealed a seriously smart face mask at CES 2021. And with everything that’s going on in the world, it might even be more appealing than its concept convertible gaming chair, ‘Project Brooklyn’.

While the aesthetics won’t be a hit for everyone, before you make any rash judgments on this RGB-injected medical wear, you should know that every part of the design has an important part to play – even the funky lighting.

The mask is a surgical N95-grade face-covering made from recycled materials, which falls in line with Razer’s sustainability ethos (check out the collaboration between Razer and Conservation International for more info). To reduce waste created by disposable masks, Razer’s mask uses replaceable and rechargeable disc-type ventilators. The carry case for the mask also acts as a charging box and has a disinfecting UV light that promises to kill off any bacteria.

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