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Deals start at $15 per month, per line
Mint Mobile is famous for its affordable prepaid wireless service, and perhaps even more so because Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds owns it. The MVNO runs on T-Mobile’s network, and it has just introduced its first family plans that we’d typically expect to see from a more traditional carrier. It’s called the Mint Mobile Family Plan, and deals begin at $15 per month per line.
There isn’t a specific discount for each added line, but Mint Mobile is offering its lowest prices for those who want to pay in 3-month segments rather than for 12 months all at once. You'll need to sign up for the full year, but unlike with other plans you can pay for the service every three months instead of all in one go. Plus, you’ll be able to have one account that controls each of the lines.
You can mix and match particular deals for each person, so not everyone in your family has to be on the same plan. You’ll need to have a minimum of two lines, and the maximum is five. You can’t have a huge family if you want to make the most of Mint Mobile’s new deal, then.
The cheapest of $15 per month offers 4GB of data, while the price goes up to $30 a month if you want unlimited data. Mint Mobile increased its data allotments earlier in 2022 with 10GB or 15GB plans also available. As expected, there’s a 35GB limit on the service’s 5G, and anything over that you’re likely to experience lower speeds.
Each plan includes unlimited calls and texts, plus it offers both 5G and 4G connectivity. It runs on T-Mobile’s service, so expect similar coverage to that carrier. Each deal also comes with free calls to Canada and Mexico. Research from mid-2021 suggests that T-Mobile-based MVNOs offer better speeds than those based on AT&T's network. AT&T-based MVNOs are reportedly throttled to a maximum of 75Mb download, so options like Mint Mobile are likely a better choice for you, or maybe look toward something like Google Fi.
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