Mike Tyson Partners With Ex Populus To Launch Iron Pigeons Game


The “Baddest Man on the Planet”, Mike Tyson, partners with Animoca-backed web3 video game studio Ex Populus to launch the Iron Pigeons NFTs as a playable trading card set built on the Solana network.

Mike Tyson’s Iron Pigeons will be a playable trading card set in Ex Populus studios’ already existing Web3-based trading card game Final Form.

The website notes “In Final Form, players are immersed in a world where mankind, beasts, gods and sentient machines arrive via portals from various dimensions. Each comes from universes with varying realities, laws of physics, and visual appearances.”

This collaboration with Ex Populus is a continuation of the drop of the Iron Pigeons NFT collection. Iron Pigeons are 10,000 algorithmically generated images of Pigeons based on dozens of characteristics from award-winning artists. 

In addition to a trading card, each NFT included a link to a high-resolution version of the artwork. Mike Tyson dropped the collection by teaming up with NFT creative agency 1ofOne.

Iron Mike is well renowned for his love of pigeons; he has nurtured them since he was a little child in Brooklyn and has a collection of 1,000 of them. He fought a bully who killed one of his pets in his first-ever fight.

The Iron Pigeon NFT holders will be able to evolve their pigeons in the Final Form game in just a few short days after the game’s release, including cross evolution with Decentralized Automous GigaUnits (DAG).

A generative algorithm is used to combine DAGs, which are a collection of distinctive, hand-drawn features, to produce thousands of totally unique trade cards.

The Final Form metaverse game is currently under development and will be available next month, according to the team.

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Mike Tyson Partners with Ex Populus to Launch Iron Pigeons Game