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Matt Eberflus isn’t an overly emotional guy. He tends to keep an even-keel approach on the field. However, it was apparent after the Chicago Bears‘ defeat in Green Bay that he wasn’t happy. Lots of things went wrong in that game. The tackling on defense clearly irked him. As for the offense, only scoring 10 points and passing for 70 yards total wasn’t ideal. The one failure that grated Eberflus’ nerves isn’t what many might think.
During his appearance on the Bears Coaches Show, the head coach pointed out that a primary failure in Green Bay was not getting their top skill position guys more involved. Darnell Mooney has two catches for four yards in two games. Cole Kmet doesn’t have any catches at all. That is a problem. The Bears can’t hope to win if they can’t get their two most talented receiving weapons going. It sounds like that will be a primary focus going into the Houston game on Sunday.
Find ways to get the ball in Mooney and Kmet’s hands. This can be done in various ways, from slants to quick outs to curls and hitches. Get them some completions so they can establish a rhythm with Justin Fields. That should be made easier with play action. Houston’s run defense is terrible. David Montgomery and Khalil Herbert should have some success on the ground. If they can give Fields some play fakes, Mooney and Kmet will have premium opportunities to hit big plays.
It is at least good to hear Matt Eberflus acknowledge the problem. He didn’t give any generalization answers. He admitted outright that those two have to get the ball more. It sounds like he is determined to do so this Sunday. The Texans might be accommodating. They’ve proven vulnerable to deep speed. Fields loves to throw down the field. If his protection holds up, he may finally get himself on track.
No excuses for Fields. How long has he been a QB? High School College the NFL. Same stuff just more complex and faster decision making is required at each level. Sorry Fields youre terrible. This is year two. Dont care if its a new system. Stop being a sack machine. Stop missing open receivers. Stop being terrible OR Fields is going to be in the trash heap. When teams are saying theyre treating Fields like Trubisky…the very player the Bears misused and discarded IN FAVOR of Fields…..its gtime to wake up and smell the coffee. Bad player. Time to start… Read more »
Right now, their strength is the running game. The offense is predicated on the run and then play action passing. (See Green Bay Sunday night.) If they can run against Houston, Fields will have more opportunities to read and respond until he can trust his eyes. Predetermined targets are way too dangerous. Play action without forcing anything will give Fields more looks and opportunity to develop in the flow of the game. EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is new! They’ve looked far better than they deserve to. Keeping San Fran and Green Bay close enough to be in the game in the… Read more »
When they’re open… long as Fields pulls the trigger and doesn’t hold onto the ball to long…….growing pains I know but Fields has to be better
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