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Stuck inside during the scorching summer months? Then there’s no better time to build some top Hearthstone decks and start climbing the ranked ladder.

Ranked play can be fiercely competitive and sometimes frustrating, but that can be remedied with the right deck. If you haven’t been following the current Hearthstone meta, don’t worry. We are here with a list of the five best Hearthstone decks that are sure to make your win rate skyrocket.

There are many different Hearthstone tier lists, but there is no absolute consensus on which the best decks are. However, we’ve chosen from those that have a consistent win rate of over 50 percent. Some matchups will be harder than others and there’s always some RNG in collectible card games, but as long as you understand a deck’s win condition, you are good to go.

Without further ado, here are our best Hearthstone deck picks.

Best Hearthstone decks

  1. Bomb Mech Hunter
  2. Murloc Shaman
  3. Control Warrior
  4. Bomb Warrior
  5. Token Druid

Editor’s note: We’ll update this list of the top Hearthstone decks as new cards are introduced and new tactics are discovered!


1. Bomb Mech Hunter

Bomb Mech Hunter Hearthstone best decks

The Rise of Shadows expansion brought us many new cards, making this formidable deck possible. Known as Bomb Mech Hunter or simply Mech Hunter, it combines the Deathrattle package already available to the Hunter class with powerful Mech minions. As you might have guessed from its name, it’s an aggressive deck that focuses on burst damage. Your win condition is swarming the board and then triggering as many Deathrattle effects as possible.

How do you achieve this? One the cards that’s key for your success is Bomb Toss. It not only deals two damage but summons two Goblin Bombs on your board. They will deal an additional two damage to your opponent when destroyed. Of course, you can bait board clearing cards, but not all enemies will fall for that strategy.

This is where Fireworks Tech and Missile Launcher come in. The first gives friendly mechs +1/+1, but also triggers their Deathrattle effects. Missile Launcher, on the other hand, is great for the mid-late game because it deals 1 damage to all other characters. If you have built up a mass of Goblin Bombs by then, triggering this effect will create quite the powerful blast.

Mech Hunter bomb toss

Bomb Toss is one of your most valuable cards.

The Bomb Mech Hunter deck has its counters. It doesn’t do great against Token Druid or Control Shaman decks, but it’s overall powerful and reliable in the current meta. The best part is that you mostly need common cards with the occasional rare and legendary, making it relatively easy to obtain even for returning players.


2. Murloc Shaman

Murlock Shaman Heartstone best decks

Murlocs have been around forever, but there never seemed to be a true top-tier Murloc deck in Hearthstone. Until now! Enter the Murloc Shaman.

Designed to quickly overwhelm opponents, this deck has incredibly tight and easy-to-figure-out synergies. Just like the Mech Hunter, your path to victory lies in swarming the board — this time with aquatic monsters. The other major difference is that instead of disposing of your minions to deal damage, you need to buff them and attack ferociously.

A true top tier Murloc deck is finally here!

This is achieved thanks to the low cost of Murlock minions. You can summon multiple per turn, stacking their buffs. The early game is where this deck shines. You need to fight for dominance of the board with one and two mana Murlocks, but the true key to success are the Coldlight Seer and Murlock Warleader, which give your Murlocks +2 health and +2 attack respectively.

Once buffed, your opponents will have to clear them from the board quickly unless they want to take significant chunks of damage — allowing you to avoid direct attacks. However, as the game goes on your enemy might have some board clear cards up their sleeve. Make sure to include insurance cards like Soul of the Murloc and Murloc Tastyfin for such cases.

Bloodlust Murlock Shaman

Drawing Bloodlust at the right moment could also spell victory.

Nevertheless, when playing Murlock Shaman you should try to keep the games short. Once you reach the late game, victory becomes less and less likely. You might also struggle with control decks, but once you get used to the aggressive play-style, the Murloc Shaman deck is excellent. It is also another deck recommended for returning or new players since it includes a lot of basic, common and rare cards.


3. Control Warrior

Control Warrior Best Hearthstone decks

If the play-style of the previous two decks can be described as “swarm and ask questions later,” this one is the exact opposite. The name says it all — the Control Warrior deck allows you to stall and control the board, while late game threats lurk in the shadows waiting to strike. It is a common archetype that often finds its way into the Hearthstone meta in one form or another. And just like other control decks, the Control Warrior relies on removal cards to achieve its goals.

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In fact, if you can manage to acquire the full deck list without replacement cards, you will have enough removal to drain most other meta decks of their resources. However, you need to play cautiously and conservatively in the early and mid game. Most of the time, you should be reacting to your opponent’s moves and preventing them from taking control of the board.

Cards like Shield Block and Eternium Rover will also help you build up armor and stall the game even further. The mid game is when you can begin to bait cocky opponents. Wait for them to amass a board full of creatures, take a bit of damage if necessary, and then wipe them in a single strike with cards like Brawl and Dyn-o-matic. It can be effective psychological warfare — impatient players could and often will forfeit at this point out of pure frustration.

Dr Boom Control Warrior

Dr Boom is an integral part of late game strategy when playing a Control Warrior.

If you do get to the late game, you can deal the final blow when you combo Dr.Boom, Mad Genius with Omega Assembly to summon forth a small army of Mech minions with rush. Most of the time, this is all you’ll need to deal the final blow. The Control Warrior deck does have one massive downside though — it is incredibly costly and relies heavily on legendary and epic cards.


4. Bomb Warrior

Bomb Warrior Hearthstone best decks

The best way to describe the next entry in our best Hearthstone deck list would be damage over time. The Bomb Warrior won’t destroy opponents quickly, but it won’t force you into playing conservatively either. It will instead make the opponent’s deck do a lot of the work for you. How you might ask? By filling it with bombs.

You can make your opponent’s deck work against them.

This is achieved thanks to the brilliant synergy of cards like Clockwork Goblin and Augmented Elekk. The first has a battlecry ability which shuffles bombs into your opponent’s deck, while the second adds an extra copy. However, you should always build a bit of board presence in the early game, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Cards like Shield Block and Eternium Rover will also be instrumental in your survival.

Once you’ve made it to the mid game, it’s time to ramp up your bomb efforts. You will now be able to wield the Wrenchcalibur to add a bomb in your opponent’s deck with every strike. If you have your second Augmented Elekk, there is no better time to utilize it.

Blastmaster Boom Bomb Warrior

A destructive late game card which you should get at all costs.

In the late game, the final blast can be triggered with the help of Blastmaster Boom — he will summon one Boom Bot for every bomb in your enemy’s deck. If they try to wipe them, they will only hurt themselves thanks to their deathrattle effect, which deals 1-4 damage to a random enemy. It’s a powerful and satisfying deck, but on the expensive side. It’s not as bad as the Control Warrior, but you’ll still need to get your hands on a bunch of epic and legendary cards.


5. Token Druid

Token Druid Hearthstone best decks

We finish off our list with another flood deck. There’s a reason they are so popular! The Token Druid deck is cheap and effective, both in terms of card rarity and the minions you will use to swarm the board. It is not as impactful as it was when Rise of Shadows came out, but it’s still up there among the best.

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How does it work? It’s similar to the Murloc Shaman — your goal is to flood the board with very cheap minions and use group buffs on them. In the early game, you want to keep your hand as empty as possible in favor of a full board. Summon everything you can and attack directly, ignoring enemy minions in most cases.

The best tools in your arsenal will be Power of the Wild, Savage Roar and Blessing of the Ancients, all of which give you bonus health, attack or both. If your opponent is gathering their own army, however, it’s time to stop their onslaught with Wrath. And if they use removal of their own, you shouldn’t worry too much. The Token Druid deck has a great ability to revive board presence with cards like Soul of the Forest.

token druid soul of the forest

Soul of the Forest can save you in a tough spot!

Your goal should be to end the game as early as possible. If you do get dragged to the late game, however, you can take out the big guns. The Forest’s Aid will summon five 2/2 Treants giving you another fighting chance. This is why the Token Druid deck should not be underestimated. It might consist almost entirely of common cards with the occasional rare thrown in, but it’s still a force to be reckoned with.

These are our picks for the five best Hearthstone decks in the current meta. Did we miss some amazing decks that helped you climb the ranks? Let us know in the comments. If you want to practice building your own decks like we have be sure to check out Hearthstone Top Decks.

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