Martina Smith Vídeo Completo | The video pack of Martina Smith Santander de Bucaramaga that went viral in networks

Over the past few hours, over the top content creator videos shot in Florida Blanca have been hugely popular. In the clip, the woman can be seen taking a taxi and asking the driver to take her to the center of Bucaramanga. Then he tells you that he has no money and asks if there are other payment methods.

The video caused a scandal in the Santander capital because the audiovisual material appeared a week after the Santander Association of Taxi Drivers condemned the drivers of the digital transport application for providing “Sexcar” services. Martina said: “I’m going to take a taxi, pretend I kept the money, and then we’ll see what little things happen.” The influencer took a taxi and told the driver that she needed to get to Floridablanca.

Martina Smith recorded the conversation with the taxi driver on her mobile phone. Later, when he paid for the title, he confirmed that he had no money and the money was left in his wallet. The driver said to the woman: “What are we going to do now?” So, she took off her clothes and started showing him her breasts.

In the end, they ended up doing it in the car. This case caused controversy and outrage among Internet users. Horapiko contacted the protagonist of the video, who claimed to be Martina Smith, and naturally responded to the controversy that the case generated, and emphasized that her objective is only to make a video for pages like xv and other websites, not just to make it public in the metropolitan area, but well known abroad.

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