Mail Merge Marking- Personalised and Detailed Marking in a Fraction of the Time!

This is one of a series of videos which helps teachers to become more confident with eLearning. This video focuses on using mail merges to mark your students work.
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I spend hours and hours of time marking, and a lot of the time it’s writing similar (if not the same) comments.

For example..
-Please use capital letters at the start of sentences.
-Do the highlighted tasks on the level ladder.
-Please write in FULL sentences.
-Stick in your graph.
The list goes on…

In order to save time and ink I thought I’d make a mail merge to mark the student’s work for me! I’ve trialled this with lots of different classes and found it EXTREMELY useful!

It has cut my marking time in at least half! I read the student’s work, pick the comments that apply (or type new comments), print the comments on green paper or with red writing, get the students to stick it in and improve their work! BOOM! You can also email this too!

Throughout this series of videos we will be looking at:-
Staying safe online
How to use
Setting quizzes- that mark themselves!
Mail merge marking- a super fast way to give detailed and personalised feedback

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