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Apple debuted the Mac Mini (M1), together with the MacBook Air (2020) and 13-inch MacBook Pro, over two years ago (2020). So a new model — presumably using the same M2 microprocessor as the predicted MacBook Air (2022) – is due. When we tested the mini-PC in 2020, we were delighted by its overall performance and the M1 chip that powers it. Still, a home PC is a large machine. Can a redesigned Mac Mini in 2022 win over non-fans? So far, here’s what we know.
Since the Apple Mac Mini (2022) hasn’t been announced yet, we can’t confirm a release date. The last Mac Mini (M1) was released in late 2020, thus we expected it to be unveiled during the March 2022 event, but that didn’t happen. Apple may still announce it before the end of the year if it plans to produce an M2 SoC. Both 2020 versions have the M1 chip and were unveiled at the same time. Some say the 13-inch MacBook Pro won’t get a big overhaul, saving it for a later-year MacBook Air presentation. If that’s the case, the M2 Mac Mini might be introduced alongside the 13-inch MacBook Pro, since a Mac Mini redesign generates less interest than a MacBook overhaul.
It’s better to announce two M2-powered gadgets than one, and changing the M1 for the M2 would make mass production much easier. Recent speculations suggest Apple may have opted to delay the Mac Mini 2022 until 2023 – in which case we’ll have to stop calling it the Mac Mini 2022.
The Mac Mini’s size is ideal for folks who require a home PC but don’t want a huge PC case or an all-in-one computer like the new iMac. But will it? The lack of a redesign for the 13-inch MacBook Pro has also been discussed. Which side do we expect the Mac Mini to take? Sadly, the less interest in a Mac Mini redesign, the less incentive Apple has to remodel the Mac Mini. However, the lack of a facelift for the 13-inch MacBook Pro makes sense because the 14-inch MacBook Pro may replace the 13-inch MacBook Pro after this year (2021).
If you’re going to keep making a product, and we don’t expect the Mac Mini to be retired soon, you’re going to have to remodel it to match other Mac devices, including the iMac, and MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch. Earlier leaks indicating a change in form factor were batted down by different sources. Let’s see what the Mac Mini 2022 looks like.
In the absence of an Apple processor, we can only assume that the Mac Mini will offer the same 8GB/16GB Unified Memory configuration possibilities, with SSDs ranging from 256GB to 2TB. We expect the number and types of ports to remain stable, but we’re looking for a USB-C Thunderbolt 4 upgrade from Thunderbolt 3. The same goes with HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4 upgrades, although with Thunderbolt 4, those connections may be unnecessary, therefore they may be removed with a new Mac Mini. That may affect our list of the best Mac Mini monitors, but we doubt Apple is concerned.
Things can become intriguing when it comes to the new device’s chips. Some say we’ll see not only an M2-powered Mac Mini but also an M1 Pro and maybe an M1 Max-powered Mac Mini. The last two could be more for professionals than home PCs, but they could give the Mac Mini a far broader appeal, especially because they’d be less than a MacBook Pro.

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During Paris Hilton’s time at the school, she claimed that she had been subjected to abuse and invasive misbehaviour. Since then, she and other abuse victims have done all in their ability to advocate for change. A new claim of fraudulent gynaecological examinations was made in an op-ed piece published for USA Today by Hilton.
In Utah, Provo Canyon School, a place for wayward youths, she experienced all of this. The care of children at these facilities has long been a topic of discussion.
Hilton and other survivors conducted a news conference in Washington D.C. to raise awareness to the issue. She drew the attention of both parties to these fresh claims, making this a bi-partisan issue.
A post shared by Paris Hilton (@parishilton)
Husband Carter Reum joined Paris Hilton in her protest between the Capital and the Washington Monument. Solitary confinement is the setting for Hilton’s art work, and she chose to dress as though she were in one to reflect the trauma that many young people have experienced over the years.
Other survivors and senators joined her to discuss the topic during her presentation. Regardless of who wins, this must be a nonpartisan effort. This dishonest business has operated without any real transparency or responsibility for far too long, according to Hilton in her op-ed.
It seemed as like we were in a horrible dream if we raised any objections or raised any questions. They warned us to quit making stuff up. Adulthood has allowed me to see these tests for what they were: a form of sexual assault on youngsters. Various sorts of abuse can be found in these facilities.” The school where Paris Hilton was abused has declined to respond as of this writing.

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We all know how Disney handles controversies involving their stars; they typically respond a little too hastily. They did it with Johnny Depp without criticism, and Will Smith may be in a similar scenario.
Smith portrays the fabled persona formerly inhabited by the late great Robin Williams in 1990s animation. The film grossed over $1 billion at the box office. A major decision about the ‘Aladdin’ sequel looks to have been taken after the recent Oscars event.
We’ll take this as a rumour because the source from two weeks ago isn’t very reliable. Giant Freakin Robot claims to have the greatest scooping sources, however they appear to be a little entertainment news site. They claim Disney is already repairing the harm done by Will Smith.
It wouldn’t surprise me if Disney is actively seeking for a suitable substitute for his role as the Genie in the ‘Aladdin’ sequel. The actor purportedly in discussions to play an undefined role in the film would surprise many, but he is a terrific option if the rumour is accurate.
A post shared by therock (@therock)
Disney is reportedly in negotiations with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for an unidentified part in the upcoming Aladdin sequel. They don’t disclose he’s in discussions to portray the Genie, but the timing is odd. If Disney continues to operate as they have in the face of scandal, Johnson is the perfect substitute for Will Smith.
Remember Dwayne also had a musical role in ‘Moana’ and killed it. But none of this is confirmed yet, and we will have to wait for additional details. No official word yet on what Disney wants to do with Will Smith after his controversy.
Coinbase’s shares dropped by over a quarter after the company failed its earnings expectations. CEO Brian Armstrong has assured that the firm is distant from a bankruptcy danger and that the funds are safe, although at par. Brian Armstrong has remarked.
Because of the regulations under which they do business, he says, customers would have no way of accessing their money if the firm went bankrupt one day, and all of their funds would immediately become property of the company.
The corporation has no say in the matter, but it must utilise the money it has saved to pay off its creditors in the case of insolvency.
Since the rule protects up to a specific sum for its customers, comparable to the IPAB in Mexico, that is not the model that occurs when a bank files bankruptcy.
One of the unavoidable concerns when it comes to exchange regulation and user safety is still pending in our nation, despite Coinbase’s claim that there is no risk for investors at this time.
Even if Coinbase goes bankrupt, Armstrong is certain that the company’s rules and conditions will be changed quickly so that customers’ money may remain secure.
Because there is now no protection in its terms and conditions, the CEO sent out an apology to customers via social media, including Twitter.
Coinbase’s stock value has fallen as a result of a reduction in the overall stock market and the technology sector in particular.
As the decline continues, bitcoin has broken over the $30,000 barrier, which hasn’t been seen in nearly a year. A 90% drop in LUNA and a 50% drop in TerraUST are likewise big declines for these two companies.

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