Kerala के Elephant का Video Viral । Mahout की मौत पर भावुक होकर उसे सम्मान दिया

पूरी स्टोरी यहां पढ़ें –

The video of a captive elephant paying its last respects to the beloved Mahout has gone viral. The video is from Kottayam district of Kerala. 74 year old Damodaran Nair passed away on June 3rd due to cancer. Damodaran had been the Mahout of elephant named Pallat Brahmadattan for many year. Following the demise of the Mahout the owners bought the elephant to the residence of Damodaran. In the video the elephant can be seen raising its trunk as an attempt to reach out to mortal remain of Damodaran which was kept on the veranda of the house.

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