Kannada actor falls off trampoline in Goa, to undergo operation for cervical spine injury in Bengaluru


Kannada actor Diganth (38) suffered a cervical spine injury after he fell off a trampoline while he was on vacation with his family in Goa. The actor was airlifted to the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) airport in Bengaluru Tuesday and rushed to the Manipal Hospital for treatment.

The hospital officials in Goa confirmed that Diganth was brought to the hospital Monday and he underwent an MRI. They said that he had suffered a cervical spine injury and was in need of surgery. While doctors in Goa were prepared to perform the surgery, they said the actor, who was with his wife Aindrita Ray, wished to go back to Bengaluru where the rest of his family is.

Sources said that the Goa Chief Minister’s office had also requested the hospital to enable a speedy air-lifting of Diganth to Bengaluru. Speaking with The Indian Express, Dr Sunny Kamat, consultant, spine Orthopedic Surgeon, Manipal Hospital in Dona Paula said, “The actor suffered a cervical spine injury after he fell off a trampoline on Sunday evening. He was admitted to our hospital yesterday (Monday) and is stable as of now. Since he required surgery, the actor was more comfortable in being treated in Bengaluru. He wanted his family to be present during the surgery so he was airlifted from Goa to Bengaluru. There was nothing major and the surgery was required as a precautionary measure.”

Manipal Hospital, Bengaluru, in a statement said, “Mr Diganth has arrived at Manipal Hospital, Old airport road, Bangalore at 4:30pm. He is admitted under Dr Vidyadhara S, HOD & Consultant Spine Surgeon and is being evaluated for his present status. He had sustained a sports injury in Goa, two days ago and was being treated at Manipal Hospital, Goa prior to this. His investigations are being carried out and the results are awaited.”

In February 2016, Diganth injured his right eye on the set of the Hindi film ‘Ticket to Bollywood’. As a part of the shooting, a fellow artist had thrown a stiletto at him which hit his eye.