Is your Email marketing like a World War 2 bombing raid?

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Lots of them, lots of firepower, but no accuracy in the targeting? If you are sending every email to your whole list, have a watch/read of this.

There are many would argue that you should do just this, but I would disagree. In 2021 we can be a little more surgical in our marketing efforts and email marketing done well is great opportunity.

Some email should definitely go to your whole list, for example your weekly or monthly editorial content should be shared with everyone (that’s what they actually signed up for, right?) but what about when you are marketing a product or service?

Perhaps your product is gender specific, for example clothing, so you would want to market men’s clothing to men and women’s clothing to women. So, gender could be a way to segment your list.

It might be that you sell a range of different products and people tend to buy one or 2 things as and when they want them, you could send an offer to people who haven’t purchased for the last 6 months to entice them back in or you could send an offer to people who have never purchased, but are just subscribed to your list to encourage them to make their first purchase.

By segmenting your list, as shown above you will be able to tailor the messages much more carefully, therefore increase your conversion/sales.

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