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It is common for some smartphone screen apps to disappear without explanation. Fortunately, there is a way to bring apps back to your Android cell phone screen and into files Iphone (iOS) using the native features of each system, without the need to install additional tools.
In the following tutorial, learn what to do when apps disappear from your phone screen. Also learn about the main reasons why apps can disappear from the screens on the device and how to access the smartphone apps menu.
An application may not appear on the mobile screen for several reasons. between them:
Except for the excluded gadgets, in all other situations it is possible to return the applications to the phone screen by accessing the application menu. This is the gallery or library of programs installed on your Android or iPhone.
In Android, the list of applications is known as App Drawer. On iPhone (iOS), it’s called Application library. However, in both systems they have the same goal, which is to identify all the applications saved on the cell phone.
The way to access the application menu may differ depending on the version of the operating system and the model of the smartphone. But in general, this is the following:
For the next tutorial, make sure that the apps you want to view are installed again on your smartphone. If no widget appears, you will need to reinstall the software from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
And ready. If you prefer to modify the screen on which the application will be highlighted, tap and hold on the application and then drag the icon to the desired screen.
For those who have an iPhone, you can also choose the screen where the returned app will be saved. Simply tap and hold on the app and finally drag the icon to the desired screen.
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