Is Apple making a VR headset? | Noise Cancelling Podcast 019

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Can’t find the time to keep up with tech news? Looking for some awesome lockdown listening? We have you covered with the Noise Cancelling podcast, which is brought to you by TechRadar and our sister sites Laptop Mag and Tom’s Guide.

More tech news and painfully honest reviews from Gareth and Sherri as they’re joined by Olivia Tambini of TechRadar and Kimerbly Gedeon of Laptop Mag.

Here are your headlines for the show…
00:00 Start
01:04 Lockdown glow up
11:11 Apple VR
20:11 Airpods upgrade
26:12 Internet hate
33:12 Xbox Series X
36:37 News Blast
39:12 Laptop Faux Pas

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