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An online smash, you can now pick up the ridiculously fun card game that Kickstarter fans funded in just 49 minutes.
Back in 2020, Justus Meyer was in a tough spot. He was unemployed, trapped in his home by Covid, and bored out of his mind. But he decided to use all that downtime to connect with his brother Andrew, who lived across the U.S. As fellow game enthusiasts, the pair started developing their own fantasy card game over the web, a game that attempted to answer a simple question.
Can the end of the world actually be fun?
The result was Doomlings, an addictive, endlessly replayable card game that not only celebrates life in the face of darkness, but appeals to both game-night regulars and first time casual players alike.
The concept is surprisingly simple: score the most points before the world ends. On a doomed and distant planet, adorable life is emerging and battling for dominance. Each player scores points by applying positive traits to their own species, fortifying their adaptability, resilience and even their mischievousness and ingenuity. Of course, catastrophes will befall the planet, pushing each species to adapt or die. After three planetary disasters, this world ends — but the top species with the most points wins and achieves their own type of immortality…well, as a winner of the game, at least.
The Meyer brothers, along with co-founders Eric McCoy and Chris Svehla have a witty-yet-simple game with 252 unique cards, no duplicates or filler. Best of all, randomized rounds bring interesting new rules each game, ensuring that no two games of Doomlings are ever the same. Every card in the deck is unique — and with illustrations created by Justus himself, it’s a cute, humorous exploration of life, evolution…and beating the snot out of friends and family.
Doomlings is perfect for both kids and adults, only takes five minutes to learn, and usually takes two to six players anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes to play, so you’ll never get locked into a days-long battle.
The game developed a fast following with dedicated gamers, who called it “easy to learn and surprisingly strategic” (Opinions May Vary podcast); as well as “both familiar yet distinctive…with clever card and player interactions” (Casual Game Revolution). Customers were just as charmed, with 10,000+ backers fully funding Doomlings through a Kickstarter campaign in just 49 minutes, leading to more than 3,000 five-star reviews.
Right now, you can pick up your own copy of the Doomlings Card Game Deluxe Bundle in time for the holidays. You can also get 15 percent off your first order at when you use the coupon code ENT15.
Prices subject to change.
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Emily Rella
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