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It seems that people are getting the ‘ick’ from the smallest of things these days and now even your choice of phone could put potential partners off.
That’s because according to dating app POM who surveyed around 3,000 about the dreaded ‘ick’, owning an Android phone instead of an iPhone came up on top of people’s lists of icky things, while not having social media was also a big no.
The ick is a slang term used to refer to perhaps innocuous things that potential partners do that renders them completely off-putting. Attraction changes to disgust in a blink of an eye and it is hard to get it back.
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Other things people found a bit grim according to the survey was pet names and talking about yourself in third person. Wearing ‘muscle fit’ shirts, commenting on celebrity social media posts or having a TikTok account also scored high on the lists of ways not to get a second date.
Other icks that made the list were smoking, speaking in slang, laughing at your own jokes, getting food stuck in your teeth, singing the wrong lyrics and incorrectly wearing a face mask.
It is an absolute minefield out there.
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