Huawei P10 v P9: Speed Test

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It’s been a while since we did a speed test so it was about time we got back to it. For this particular battle of raw power we’ve pitted Huawei’s new P10 against the Huawei P9.

During our review of the phone we found that the P10 actually had poorer benchmarking performance over the P9. With this in mind we had to test the two smartphones in our own version of intense speed testing.

There are 8 different apps to take on…

1. FLAC music player – the phone must load a FLAC file then play and pause the track
2. Boot up Asphalt 8
3. Boot up Fruit Ninja
4. Boot up N.O.V.A 3 then load the first level
5. Export a pre-made project in Adobe Premiere Clip – @1080p and with several filters
6. Export a photo in Snapseed with pre-made filters
7. Open up a 3D project in and create 10 complicated shapes
8. Take a photo with the camera

– Each phone has to complete two laps and reload games that haven’t held their save.
– Each phone is tested after being reset and all background apps have been removed
– Wi-Fi and other connectivity options turned off

Please do let us know what you think of our new intensive speed test, we’ll look into all suggestions and potential apps that you send our way.