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HP is unveiling new ZBook laptops, as well as new monitors and other tools, for creators and data scientists looking for performance.
Stephanie Condon is a senior staff writer for Red Ventures based in Portland, Oregon, covering business technology for ZDNet.
The HP ZBook Fury G9
HP on Thursday unveiled two new laptops within the ZBook family, HP’s portfolio of mobile workstations designed for professional creators. The new HP ZBook Fury G9, offering the highest level of professional-class GPU performance, is “so powerful you’ll forget it’s a laptop,” Brian Allen, a manager of HP’s Global Z Product Team, told reporters. 
HP also announced the new HP ZBook Studio G9, as well as two new Z displays, a new Thunderbolt G4 Dock, and new productivity tools for data scientists. 
“Creative professionals do not like technology to slow them down,” HP GM Jim Nottingham said. “They want faster CPUs, faster GPUs. But we also know they need more than specs” and will benefit from productivity tools to create seamless workflows. 
The new tools are for a wide range of professionals, including media and entertainment artists, architecture, engineering, construction, operations (AECO) professionals, and product development professionals. They’re also for data scientists. Data scientists leverage the same compute powers that creators do, said Jeri Culp, director of HP’s data science and edge solutions, and they’re also part of the growing hybrid workforce. 
The ZBook Fury G9 is powered by a desktop-class Intel 55-watt CPU and up to a professional-grade NVIDIA RTX A5500 laptop GPU or AMD Radeon Pro GPUs. It can handle demanding workloads like 8K video editing, 3D visualization and machine learning. 
The Fury G9 is expected to be available in June via HP.com, and pricing will be shared closer to availability.
A work from home setup with the ZBook Studio G9
The ZBook Studio G9 comes with up to an Intel Core i9 vPro CPU, as well as the NVIDIA RTX A5500 or GeForce RTX 3080 Ti. The Nvidia Studio program validates models equipped with RTX and GeForce RTX GPUs. They deliver performance and stabilization optimizations for popular creative applications, plus access to NVIDIA Studio software like Omniverse, Broadcast and Canvas. 
The ZBook Studio G9 is expected to be available in June, with pricing shared closer to availability.
The HP Z24m
The new HP Z24m and HP Z24q 23.8″ quad HD displays offer a 90Hz refresh rate, as well as exceptional front-of-screen color with factory color calibrated sRGB and P3 calibrated color spaces. They both also come with VESA DisplayHDR 400 for more dynamic visuals and true-to-life color accuracy. Both the HP Z24m and HP Z24q have four-sided borderless displays for an all-around uninterrupted view.
The HP Z24m also includes integrated conferencing features like a tiltable 5MP webcam, dual noise-canceling microphones and dual speakers. 
The  Z24m G3 QHD Conferencing display is expected to be available in July, with prices announced later. The HP Z24q G3 QHD Display is expected to be available in May, starting at $374.
The HP Thunderbolt G4 Dock delivers up to 280W of power, the ability to fully charge any laptop or mobile workstation with superfast Thunderbolt 4 technology and double the ethernet speed of previous generations. The HP Thunderbolt G4 Dock 120W and 280W are expected to be available in May, starting at $329 and $439, respectively.
Lastly, HP is introducing the Z by HP Data Science Stack Manager, which makes it easier for “data creators” to customize and manage environments specific to projects. This curated and managed software stack is designed to deliver the optimal data science environment by testing and preloading popular data science tools, including select packages from Intel’s one API AI Analytics Toolkit, as well as Pytorch, Python and NVIDIA RAPIDS.
The Z by HP Data Science Stack Manager is available now for download on the HP website. Select Z by HP desktop and mobile workstations will have the Z by HP Data Science Stack Manager pre-loaded beginning in late June 2022.
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