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Social platforms and apps that allow live-streaming are undoubtedly popular with young people and teenagers. Not only can they interact with their friends, but they can also meet new people, feel inspired, and find tons of entertainment.
While there isn’t inherently an issue with this, problems can arise when users with poor intentions choose to attack others in writing or verbally with few real or tangible safety defenses in place to protect those involved.
So, how can these younger generations, namely Gen Z, enjoy social apps safely? They can choose to interact on apps that prioritize their safety and have certain safety measures in place. The app Yubo, which is a live social discovery platform, has recently rolled out a new safety feature tackling one of the most hard-to-crack challenges in safety moderation today. It has announced that it has successfully scaled real-time audio moderation technology across four of its largest markets: the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. By identifying audio cues that get flagged as harmful or inappropriate, then further investigating said audio, the app can identify and take further action on audio that violates its Community Guidelines when it’s needed. Let’s find out what that really boils down to.
With the anonymity that comes with hiding behind a screen, social media apps can experience bad behavior from users on their platforms. For a user’s account to get banned or suspended for a period of time, if they post or share something that goes against the app’s guidelines, there needs to be proof.
While it’s possible for social apps to flag inappropriate content, it’s very difficult to moderate live video and audio. Unless a live-stream is recorded, it captures someone saying something defamatory or insulting, and can pinpoint who they are and where they are located, it’s almost impossible for further action to be taken. This is especially concerning as more and more young people are accessing social apps and platforms on a daily basis.
Therefore, it’s incredibly important to moderate content. The big hurdle, however, is how to moderate live content specifically as it pertains to spoken language and audio.
Yubo is a live social discovery app that allows users to connect instantly with others all over the world. Whether you want to play a game, meet with someone with similar interests, or simply jump into a live-stream, it’s all possible on Yubo.
Yubo recently began to tackle a major challenge when it comes to live-streaming, by focusing on audio moderation, making it the very first social media platform to do so. It’s said that almost 50% of people who have reported experiencing harassment in online gaming have done so via voice channels. And, since online gaming is a prevalent area of streaming, it’s important to ensure the safety of users.
Yubo partnered with Hive to implement their advanced audio moderation technology across the app. Hive’s technology on Yubo’s platform records 10-second snippets of audio in live streams of 10 or more people and transcribes them. Using AI, the text is scanned and analyzed for phrases that violate Yubo’s Community Guidelines. If flagged, these are then reviewed by Yubo’s Safety Specialists, and are investigated in real time. If a violation is detected, Yubo’s Safety Specialists can take action, and in more serious cases this could lead to escalation to law enforcement.
To further protect its users, Yubo ensures that any transcripts that aren’t flagged for further investigation are removed and deleted from its servers after 24 hours. All analysis has to be signed off by a human moderator too, to ensure findings are accurate and are not highlighting false positives from the likes of a song playing in the background, for example.
Yubo aims to put real people at the forefront of its mission. Instead of placing a focus on likes and follows, Yubo allows its young Gen Z users to show up and interact with others as their true selves. This is more likely to encourage Gen Z users to make genuine friends from around the world, allowing them to connect with others with similar interests. The app is available on iOS and Android and is free to download.
People can join Yubo’s virtual space and feel safe in the trusted community. It’s one of the first social apps worldwide to introduce comprehensive user-age verification tools and real-time video and audio moderation for live-streams.
Attempting to pry a Gen Z’s hands off their smartphone is a futile challenge. Instead, rather than banning them from social platforms like Facebook and Instagram for fear of them being abused, they can turn to Yubo instead.
Yubo’s advancement in audio moderation technology will ultimately help provide additional safeguards for its users when engaging with others around the world. After all, we don’t want to stop them from socializing, but we do want them to do it safely.
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