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Spotify has a useful feature, tucked away, to help you avoid leaving your music playing when you fall asleep.
You might like listening to music late at night, but there’s always a risk of falling asleep with it still playing. Doing so risks draining your phone's battery and mobile data in the process. But no matter how long a song or playlist is, Spotify can help you stop it automatically if you can't do so yourself. All you need to do is set up a sleep timer with a couple of clicks.
This feature is currently available on the mobile version of the Spotify app for Android and iOS. Here’s how to turn it on.
The sleep timer button only shows up when you start playing music on the Spotify app. To turn it on, open Spotify on your Android or iPhone. Then follow these steps:
Once you've done this, Spotify will begin a background countdown timer. Even if you're listening to songs from an album or playlist in a loop, it will stop playing once the set time elapses.
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If you choose End of track instead of a fixed time, Spotify will stop the music once the current song ends, rather than moving to the next song in your queue.
Before Spotify added this feature, Android users had to resort to third-party apps to stop music playback. However, iOS already comes with a built-in sleep timer that's compatible with Spotify. So the Spotify sleep timer might be more relevant on Android than iOS.
Although Spotify's sleep timing options currently appear limited, we hope to get more flexibility in the future. Besides, the feature is available in-app, which makes it readily accessible and avoids the need for extra downloads. Remember to activate Spotify's sleep timer whenever you feel you might not be able to stop the music yourself.
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