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Discord is the go-to communication app for many users on different platforms. Installing it isn’t at all difficult, but if you aren’t tech-savvy, you might be looking for a step-by-step tutorial. Read on to see how to install Discord on macOS, Windows, Linux and mobile devices.
Whether you’re playing online games or just virtually hanging out with your friends, Discord is an excellent platform for communication. It allows text, low-latency voice and video chats, and screen-sharing in voice channels. You can create servers and communities to meet new people. To start, though, you need to install Discord. 
If you want to watch friends stream or join a voice channel created by your gaming group or school club, here’s how to install Discord on major operating systems. 
Yes, you can download Discord on your laptop. All you need to do is go to Discord’s website and download the installation file for your operating system.
To install Discord on Android, you need to open the Play store, search for Discord and click the “install” button. Once the installation has finished, you can use the app.
Yes, you can download the Discord application for macOS.
Installing Discord on Windows is similar to doing it on a macOS device, though not identical.
Go to the Discord website. The website recognizes that you’re accessing it from a Windows device, and takes you to a page with a button that says “download for Windows.” Click it and wait for the .exe setup file to download.
Once the setup file has downloaded, go to your “downloads” folder and start the installation by double-clicking the DiscordSetup.exe file. Wait for the setup to finish, create an account and log in to Discord.
If macOS is your operating system of choice, you’ll need to download the app from the Discord website. The Discord app is not available in the app store. 
Go to the Discord website. The website will recognize that you’re accessing it from a macOS device and take you right to the “download for Mac” page. Click it, and wait for the .dmg file to download.
Once the .dmg setup has finished downloading, drag it to “applications.” This will start the install process. You’ll be met with a pop-up asking you to confirm the installation. Click “open,” wait for the setup to finish and you can create an account and start using Discord.
Installing Discord on Linux (in our case, Ubuntu) is slightly more complicated than installing it on macOS or Windows. Fortunately, you won’t need the command line or the Snap package manager — just follow the instructions below. 
Go to the Discord website and click on the “download for Linux” button. From the dropdown menu that opens, choose “deb.” 
Go to your downloads folder and double-click the Discord installation file you just downloaded. When prompted, choose “software install” and then click “open.” 
Once you’ve opened the installation file, click “install” in the top-right corner. Wait for the installation to complete, then create an account to start using Discord.
Installing Discord on a mobile device depends on whether you use Android or iOS, though the installation procedure is very similar for both. 
If you’re an Android user, open the Play store on your device. If you’re using an iOS device, open the app store. 
Using the search bar, find the Discord app. 
If you’re an Android user, click the “install” button from the Discord Play store page. If you’re using an iOS device, click the “download” button from Discord’s app store page. Once the app finishes downloading to your device, you can create an account and use Discord.
If you don’t need to use the app often, you may not want to spend much time installing Discord. The browser version of Discord allows you to do the same things as the app — join private channels, enjoy text and voice chat and communicate on general and topic-based channels.
You’ll still need a Discord account, but using the web version is very easy. 
Open your browser of choice and go to the Discord website. Click the “open Discord in your browser” button and enter your Discord username. Complete the Captcha verification and the fully featured browser version will open.
From a practice drawing session in a group chat to joining a worldwide art community, installing Discord has benefits for everyone. The installation process is very simple, regardless of which platform you’re installing it on. 
Do you use Discord for a group chat with your friends or in-game teammates? Which platform do you use the app on? Are you a macOS or Windows user, or is a mobile device more your pick? Let us know in the comments, and as always, thank you for reading. 

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