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5G brings faster data connection for when you’re out and about, but for most people 4G is just fine. So why upgrade? Well, there are actually loads of reasons. And in this video we’ll run you through our top 5 ways that 5G could change the way you use your phone forever.

Firstly there’s entertainment streaming. Most people choose to download songs, movies or games when they’re home, to listen to when you’re out and about. But what if you forgot to download something, or find yourself wanting to watch a different TV show than you thought? Well, that’s where 5G steps in.

5G brings really fast connection speeds, so you can quickly download a whole playlist quicker than it takes to listen to one song, or a new episode of a TV show while you’re watching the previous one. 4G isn’t always fast enough to do this, but with 5G you never have to worry about downloading the right thing before your commute or trip.

Talking of gaming, another important benefit to 5G is reliable connection, and that makes it great for playing online mobile games when you’re not on Wi-Fi. If you’re a big fan of Call of Duty or PUBG on your phone, or just like playing idle games that need you to always be connected to the internet, you’ll be able to do all that from outdoors.

Since mobile gaming is so great for when you’re traveling or waiting around, the ability to fit in a quick Call of Duty Deathmatch or get a sneaky Clash of Clans attack done, without worrying about being interrupted by a bad connection, is super useful to gaming fans.

One of the big upgrades 4G brought was the ability to upload and download photos, which made apps like Instagram and Snapchat possible. Well, 5G will extend that possibility over to video too.

Sure, you can upload and view videos now, but it sometimes takes quite a while, and that’s for a short and low-quality clips. But 5G might make it possible to upload, livestream, and view longer or higher-resolution videos that you shot on your phone. Soon we won’t have to worry about all Facebook Live and Instagram Story videos looking rubbish, and it’ll take less time to upload them too.

Our next way 5G is important will be particularly useful to smart home users. This is because 5G might bring loads of benefits to people who have smart appliances. This is especially true of controlling your home when you’re not in it.

5G will make it possible for you to easily alter settings for your home, like turning on lights or altering the thermostat, without you having to worry that the command didn’t send because of poor connection. It’ll also let you view multiple images through security cameras at once, all while doing other things on your phone.

Finally, here’s one for sports fans – 5G is going to make it way easier to view matches and games on your phone when you’re not at home. Sure, you can probably do that at the moment, but unless you’ve got a fantastic connection you’re probably watching a rather grainy image.

Well with 5G that video will be way better – but more than that, you’ll be able to get many videos at once. That means you can view game from different angles, like seeing a wider view of a pitch and a close-up of a key player at the same time.

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