House of the Dragon: House of the Dragon episode 5 release date. Here’s all you need to know


House of the Dragon show is eventually teasing the much-anticipated dispute between Fire and Blood after introducing several influential houses in Westeros. In the upcoming episodes, there’ll likely be a change in relations between Alicent Hightower and Rhaenyra Targaryen, which have been good and friendly so far.

What happened in the previous episode of House of the Dragon?

In the previous episode, Viserys learned about Rhaenyra sneaking out of the palace with Daemon to some not-so-respectable places. Furious with his daughter’s little stunt, he asked her to marry Laenor Velaryaon. And the surprising thing was that Rhaenyra agreed to marry Laenor in order to create diplomatic ties. But her request to her father was for the removal of Otto Hightower from the council.

According to Rhaenyra, in order to make Alicent’s son sit on the iron throne, Otto will do anything, including using his position to manipulate the King. Though Otto was removed from his position by Viserys, it’s safe to assume that things will get even worse for the House of Targaryen with this decision. Every single decision of Viserys’s will result in the civil war during Targaryen rule, also called the Dance of the Dragons.

Release date of episode 5

House of the Dragon episode 5 is planned for release this Sunday, September 18, at 6 PM PT (Pacific Timing) and 9 PM ET (Easter Timing) on HBO Max. Thanks to the time difference, the episode will be released on September 19 (Monday) in some regions.

Pacific Time: 6 PM PT (Sunday, September 18)

Eastern Time: 9 PM ET (Sunday, September 18)

Indian Time: 6:30 AM IST (Monday, September 19)

‘Game Of Thrones’: HBO bringing Westeros to fans worldwide with touring exhibition

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The exhibition will take fans into the world of the Seven Kingdoms for a look at authentic props, costumes and set decorations from the show.
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British Time: 2 AM BST (Monday, September 19)

Central Time: 8 PM CT (Sunday, September 18)

Australian Time: 11 AM CEST (Monday, September 19)

Are things about to get worse for Rhaenyra?

From the thrilling trailer for House of the Dragon Episode 5, released by HBO Max, it seems that situations are about to get harder for Rhaenyra. It is highly likely to witness a royal wedding as the marriage proposal between Rhaenyra and Leanor will be made by Viserys. The trailer shows a fight during the wedding, so it won’t be a smooth one.

Moreover, with Otto seeming to make moves against Rhaenyra, the next episode may contain disturbing twists.


How many episodes of House of the Dragon will be released?
A total of 10 episodes are scheduled for Season 1. With episode 5 about to get released, five more remain.

What is House of the Dragon based on?
It’s based on Fire & Blood, a novel by George R.R. Martin.

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