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After a China-only launch in November 2020, the Honor Band 6 has finally been confirmed for the global market, as one of the tech company’s products at annual tech show CES 2021.

This is a new affordable fitness tracker that succeeds the feature-packed Honor Band 5 from 2019, but the new band makes a big jump over its predecessor in a few key ways.

Below, you can find everything you need to know about the Honor Band 6, including its price, what it looks like, and what features it has. When we get our hands on the fitness tracker, we’ll conduct a full review so you know what it’s like to use, and if it’s worth buying.

We’ve listed everything you need to know about the Honor Band 6 below, including how it looks and what you’ll be able to do on it that you couldn’t on the Band 5. The biggest change though is in terms of design, and many of the changes beyond that are optimizations to features that were present in older devices.

After a China launch event on November 3 2020, the Honor Band 6 got a global unveiling at CES in early January 2021. We still don’t know when it’ll go on sale – Honor has simply said ‘soon’ when it was speaking on January 10.

With regards to price, we’ve got a rough price of $35, but Honor doesn’t typically sell its products easily in the US, so this is likely just a guide for conversions. It’s roughly £25 / AU$45, so expect a price around that.

The Honor Band 5 was available through multiple resellers in the US, but it wasn’t sold directly by Honor in the country.
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