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Update, July 15, 2019 (2:10PM EST): We have some new leaked renders, along with some rumored specifications. Read on to learn more!

The Honor 8X and 8X Max ended up being the best-selling devices ever for the Huawei sub-brand. The Honor 8X itself shipped over 10 million units in just five months. Now, it’s time to get ready for the follow-up to the 8X line with the Honor 9X and Honor 9X Pro on the way.

Although we won’t see the 9X land for a few weeks, we already know quite a bit about it, as Honor reps have been pretty forthcoming about certain pieces of information. Below you’ll find all the rumors and facts we currently know about the Honor 9X and Honor 9X Pro!

Honor 9X and Honor 9X Pro: Name and release date

Honor 8x held in hand - will the new Honor 9X look similiar.

Honor revealed that the Honor 9X will land on July 23, 2019, at a launch event in China. The company revealed this info in a Weibo post from Honor CEO George Zhao.

Check out the image included with that post below:

An official poster advertising the launch date of the Honor 9X and Honor 9X Pro smartphones. Weibo

Although much of the poster is in Chinese, it is easy to see that it confirms two bits of information: that the device will definitely be called the Honor 9X and that it will launch on July 23.

However, there are lots of rumors circulating that there will also be an Honor 9X Pro (unlike the 8X line, which had a “Max” variant). This poster, unfortunately, does not confirm nor disprove that rumor.


According to leaked renders from MySmartPrice, the Honor 9X and 9X Pro will get rid of the notch. Both phones will reportedly feature a pop-up selfie camera, which would allow for a more bezel-less look.

The Honor 9X and 9X Pro will also reportedly feature glass backs. Whereas the Honor 9X will reportedly be available in at least two colors, the Honor 9X Pro will reportedly launch with a purple gradient color option.

Renders of the Honor 9X and Honor 9X Pro MySmartPrice

The rear fingerprint sensors found on the Honor 8X and 8X Max don’t show up on the renders. As such, the Honor 9X and 9X Pro might instead feature in-display fingerprint sensors.

Elsewhere, rumors suggest the Honor 9X will come with an LCD display measuring between 6.5-inches and 6.7-inches, and the Pro variant will be the same size. Display resolution is rumored to be Full HD+ for both phones.

Hopefully, the Honor 9X and 9X Pro will feature USB-C charging ports, as the 8X and 8X Max were stuck with the long-outdated Micro-USB ports instead.

Specs and features

According to MySmartPrice, the Honor 9X and Honor 9X Pro will feature the new HiSilicon Kirin 810 chipset. Debuting in the Honor Nova 5, the Kirin 810 features the same 7nm process as the flagship Kirin 980.

Elsewhere, the 9X series will reportedly feature up to 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of expandable storage. The Honor 9X will reportedly feature a dual-camera setup comprised of a 48MP primary sensor and 2MP secondary sensor. The Honor 9X Pro will reportedly make do with a triple camera system, comprised of a 48MP primary sensor, 8MP secondary sensor, and 2MP tertiary sensor.

As far as power goes, one of these phones will reportedly feature a 3,900mAh battery. Finally, the Honor 9X and Honor 9X Pro will reportedly run EMUI 9.1 on top of Android 9 Pie.

Price and availability

Since Huawei’s status around the world is still up in the air due to its presence on the United States government’s so-called Entity List (even though U.S. companies are now allowed to do business with the company), it’s not at all clear where we will see the Honor 9X and Honor 9X Pro debut, aside from its native China. There’s a good chance it will come to the United Kingdom, Europe, India, and other countries, but nothing is known as of yet.

As for pricing, we’ve seen some leaked info on that. Here are the rumored prices for the Honor 9X Pro:

  • 6GB RAM + 128GB — 1,899 yuan (~$276)
  • 8GB RAM + 128GB — 2,199 yuan (~$320)
  • 8GB RAM + 256GB — 2,499 yuan (~$364)

Pricing for the Honor 9X is still a mystery, although it would obviously be less expensive than the rumored pricing for the Pro variant above.

That’s all we’ve got for rumors on the Honor 9X series! Let us know what you think about these upcoming devices in the comments.

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