History of Pakistan ATOM BOMB Urdu Documentary – E7 P2 – Pakistan’s Biggest Secret

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In story of PAKISTAN Atom Bomb Documentary in Urdu Episode 07 Part 2, we find out what was Pakistan’s biggest secret “Project 706” which was protected by Pakistan army. We also look at the starting process of this project and also look at the account of initial fights between Munir Ahmed Khan and Abdul Qadeer Khan. We also realize how Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto raised his / Pakistan’s profile in the west.

Pakistanis can do anything if we want it! Let us not forget efforts of Pakistani politicians, Pakistan Army, ISI, Pakistani bureaucrats, Pakistani scientists, and overseas Pakistanis who made this possible.

The history of Pakistan Atom Bomb is presented in detail in this documentary in Urdu / Hindi with use of top-secret CIA documents, interviews, animations, and old newspapers. This documentary in Urdu / Hindi will make you rethink about Pakistan’s contribution to Islam / power of Islamic countries as compared to old stories like on Ertugrul. People from India might find this interesting too…

Links to other Episodes of this documentary series:
Episode 01 Part 01: Mysterious Letter Received by Pakistani Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

Episode 01 Part 02: What was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s / Pakistan’s first response to Indian Atomic Test

Episode 02 Part 01: Harsh truth of 1971 war and Bhutto’s effort to make Pakistan Strong again

Episode 02 Part 02: Pakistan trying to find solution to Indian Atomic Aggression
Episode 03: Details of secret technology which Abdul Qadeer Khan found
Episode 04 Part 01: What happened in the secret Multan meeting
Episode 04 Part 02: How Bhutto united Muslim World and initial days of Pakistan Nuclear Program

Episode 05 Part 01: What was written in ISI’s report on Abdul Qadeer Khan
Episode 05 Part 02: How Abdul Qadeer Khan got access to the secret uranium enrichment technology

Episode 06 Part 01: How Abdul Qadeer Khan stole secret report with help of ISI
Episode 06 Part 02: Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto meets AQ khan for the first time. Start of cold war between AQ Khan and Munir Ahmed Khan

Episode 07 Part 01: How Abdul Qadeer Khan fled back to Pakistan and subsequent meetings

Episode 07 Part 02: What was Pakistan’s biggest secret project to defend it self and how it started secretly
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