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Mobile Phone Under Pillow
Mobile Phone Under Pillow: When we wake up in the morning, most of us look at our phone first. Even at night before going to bed we sleep looking at the mobile phone. But after seeing the mobile many people put it aside. Others sleep under the pillow. However, health experts warn that it is very dangerous to sleep with a mobile phone under the pillow. The World Health Organization has also conducted various researches in this regard. The World Health Organization has warned that the radio frequency emitted by mobile phones has a serious negative impact on our health. It seriously disrupts sleep. The main thing to discuss here is that studies show that this radio frequency is more harmful to children than adults.
With blue lighting..
When sleeping with the mobile under the pillow, its blue light has a negative effect on our body. The blue light on the phone lights up in the dark whenever the ring tone is played whenever there are calls or messages. Repeated exposure to blue light can damage the eyes.
If you sleep while charging..
If you sleep with the phone under the pillow, the biggest risk is that the mobile phone will explode. The main reason for this is that the mobile battery heats up a lot. Also, many people sleep with their phone charging while sleeping. It is also very dangerous.
Severe sleep disturbance..
But according to the researches, if the phone rings frequently at night, it disturbs the sleep. The radio frequency emitted at this time makes the body tired quickly. Gradually it will have a negative effect on our work style. So experts warn to keep mobile away at night.

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