Haryana Police | shoot couple | Near friends cafe| viral video


Someone rightly said that the internet is a crazy place. Every day many videos and images are circulated through various platforms on social media that make it to the viral trends. Sometimes they are true and sometimes absolutely fake. Recently, a shocking video of a couple being shot by the police in broad daylight surfaced on the internet. It was getting circulated on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms. 

In a 22-second video clip, it can be seen that there are a boy and a girl who get into an argument with the police officer. Within seconds the police officer shoots the boy. Seeing this the girl starts crying and abusing the police officer in return he takes out his gun again and shoots the girl as well while there are people gathered around who were witnessing the whole incident.



Many people took it to be a real incident. However, after a fact check the reality was absolutely different. It was a video clip of a shooting that was taking place for a web series. Many shooting equipments can also be seen in the viral clip. As per media reports, the actor who played the cop in the series mentioned that the video being circulated is from the rehearsals. And the other two actors seen in the video are Shweta Sinha and Dev.

Rahul Srivastav, the Additional Superintendent of Police of the Anti-Terrorism Squad in the state shared the video on his Twitter account and confirmed that the video is fake.

“#FactCheck- A video of a gory murder by a cop outside a restaurant is floating since today morning on #socialmedia, triggering queries & confusion. On verification, it’s attributed to a #webseries shot outside ‘Friends Cafe’ in Karnal Haryana as per the manager of the Cafe,” Mr Srivastav tweeted.



This is not the first time a video of this sort managed to break the Internet. However, it’s important for us to run our fact checks and only then believe in the things we see on the internet. 

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