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The Google Pixel 4a has arrived and here is our Deputy Editor, John McCann, unboxing it for you.

The Pixel 4a gives you the best of Google in an affordable, one-hand-friendly package.

There’s slick Google Assistant integration, a clean Android interface with three years of guaranteed updates, and a seriously impressive photography experience considering the Pixel 4a has just one rear camera.

However, pull out the spec sheet and compare it to similarly priced rivals and the Google Pixel 4a doesn’t seem like such a great deal, with less power, less RAM, fewer cameras, a smaller screen and no 5G connectivity.

Battery life is mediocre, just about lasting a day of use on a single charge – but if you really push it you’ll be reaching for a charger come late afternoon.

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The design will be divisive. On the one hand it’s a cutesy, curvy polycarbonate handset which sits comfortably in the palm and its lightweight frame makes it easy to hold and use. There’s a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, almost no screen bezel and even a headphone jack.

On the other, it feels a little cheap and lacks the premium gloss of other handsets in its price bracket.

You’ll need to seriously consider what is important to you when it comes to a new smartphone, to see if the Google Pixel 4a is right.
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