Google Nest Hub Max is now available for purchase

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After its announcement four months ago at Google I/O 2019, the Google Nest Hub Max has finally gone on sale. As of today, it is available from the Google Store and other retailers like Best Buy in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Coming in at $229 in the US and £219 in the UK, the Nest Hub Max is not cheap by any means. But Google added some useful features to this device, including a camera, a larger display, and some great sound quality.

The Nest Hub Max’s camera isn’t just for Duo video calls either. Google has added Nest Cam functionality to the camera on this device. That means you’ll be able to do things like view and listen in to the live feed and remotely communicate with those on the other end of the device. You can also use Nest’s more advanced features if you download and set up the Nest app.

The Google Nest Hub Max is definitely the best smart display in the Google Assistant ecosystem. It takes everything good about the Nest Hub and adds quite a bit of useful functionality.

At $229, we think the Google Nest Hub Max is worth the money. Check out our Google Nest Hub Max full review to hear our thoughts in depth.

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