God of War PS5 may debut at Sony’s event today after game director’s tease

Everyone is anticipating the PS5 release date and price at Sony’s imminent launch event, but there’s also a good chance God of War 2 for PS5 will debut there, too.

A PlayStation 5 sequel to God of War on PS4 is just speculation right now, but series head Cory Barlog is just dropped some subtle hints on his Twitter profile.

Barlog, the creative director at Sony Santa Monica Studios, is now using a granite profile picture and an equally mysterious stock image of a redacted document in Latin as his Twitter header image, note the detectives over at GamesRadar.

More significantly, last year, the studio began recruiting for roles like ‘Senior Combat Designer’ with a requirement of “knowledge of God of War (2018)” and the ability to “speak in depth about the [God of War] combat systems, mechanics and enemies.”

So the simple changes to Barlog’s profile have been enough to send Reddit into a 164-comment tizzy hours before the big PS5 showcase.

The God of War ending left the storyline open to Kratos returning in a sequel to the puzzle-filled hack-and-slash combat adventure. And that’s what we’re expecting from the PS5 showcase in a few hours.

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