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Glider Simulator is now officially out – take to the skies in this fun Roblox simulator game and check our page for all the recently updated codes!
Glider Simulator is a freshly released Roblox game where you take to the skies on a range of Gliders, basically like wingsuits! The game is just out and has received its first big updated – the Trails Update – which means new codes.
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Work your way up through multiple different gliders, boosts, and trails (added with the new update) and see how long you can last! There are lots of different obstacles to dodge and power-ups to collect as you play. These codes gift you gems that can be used to roll for unique shiny trails.
We checked for new codes on June 23, but no new codes have been added.
All codes in Roblox are case-sensitive – that means you need to enter them exactly as you see them above. Codes can also only be redeemed a single time, so makes sure to check back to see if new codes have been added. We update this list regularly.
The game has just been released, so there are no expired codes yet.
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It's easy to redeem codes in Glider Simulator, just follow these steps.
Glider Simulator is a brand-new game that lets you take to the skies and perform all sorts of acrobatic and aerial assault courses! You upgrade your wings by flying more and collecting floating coins. Then, launch yourself from the cannon and zoom across the map. It's a lot of fun and the controls are very smooth, which makes this one of the better flying simulators we've played. Hopefully there are a lot more updates and lots of new codes on the way as the game receives its next updates!
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