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The 2-Piece Cast Iron Pan Set ($39.99) from Amazon. 
Cast iron pans are easy to cook in and impart food with a lot of good flavor and deliciousness you just don’t get from even the greenest and most virtuous of non-stick or metal pans. The only thing is that they can be pretty darn expensive. Not so much now, however: On Amazon, you can get two cast iron pans and two silicone handle covers, for just $39.99. 
The double set has a 10-inch skillet and a 12-inch frying pan included, which means you can get one going with eggs in the morning and, should you happen to run out of time to properly clean it up, you’ll still have an extra one to prepare dinner with. The pans are kitted out with pour spouts to get every last bit of your sauce, and there are two handles for easy gripping and lifting in and out of the oven or across the stove top. To make it even easier, the set comes with two handle helpers: Silicone cases that slip right on over the longer handle. 
You can use the pans for the grill or stovetop (they’re safe for induction as well), and the pans live up to cast iron’s reputation for durability and quality. They come pre-seasoned so it’s up to you if you want to season them further (you’ll find very vociferous opinions for both sides of that debate on the internet). Either way, with two ringing up for less than $40 right now, it’s not a deal you’re going to want to pass up.