Get a great deal on every Google Home smart speaker in the Walmart sale


Usually, the day after Amazon Prime Day has up moping about the office, sad that all the super cheap deals have dried up. There’s no time for that today though as the Walmart sale has taken the bargain baton from Amazon to give us one final day of deals.

And we’ve been enjoying the latest battle between Amazon Echo deals and the Google Home smart speaker/screen range. Google has an extra day to play with now though and these prices are absolute scorchers.

The tiny but mighty Google Home Mini is on sale for just $25, saving you 50% on the base MSRP. The standard-sized Google Home has come down to just $69 from $129. If you really want some room-filling sound from your smart speaker than the rarely discounted Google home Max is $150 cheaper than usual at $299. And if you’d like a smart speaker with a screen, Walmart’s deals have you covered there too with the Google Nest Hub (aka, the recently renamed Google Home Hub), can be yours for an ever so tempting $79, down form the standard $149.

All of these devices feature the excellent Google Assistant built-in. You can ask it any questions you can think of an it’ll use the enormously-powerful Google search engine to read an answer back to you. You can also use it for basics like asking about the weather forecasts and the news. Or how about requesting songs via Spotify and YouTube Music? Smart home devices like Nest and Hive thermostats and Philips Hue bulbs are supported too.

The best Google device deals in the US:

Google Home Mini $49 $25 at Walmart
The perfect introduction to the world of smart speakers for a super low price. Walmart has this low price on all the different colors too. It’s surprisingly loud for music playback despite its tiny size.
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Google Home Max $399 $249 at Walmart
The Google Home Max is much bigger than any other Google home speaker and is capable of really filling the room with sound. And we mean that too as the speakers reacts to the size and shape of a room to give you the best sound. The microphones are much more powerful too and can hear your voice commands, even over the loud music.
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Google Nest Hub $149 $79 at Walmart
For a limited time, you can get the Google Nest Hub on for $79 and receive three months of free YouTube Music Premium to enjoy on the screen. The smart hub display can control smart home devices (like the Nest) and works with the Google Assistant to display photos, make calls, show the news and more. The speaker isn’t as loud as the standard Google Home though, so you’ll need to weigh up the benefits of the screen vs louder music. We won’t judge you if you buy both though.
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