Get a free pair of Galaxy Buds with Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deals from Vodafone


Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is arguably the world’s best phone (or at least in our opinion) but with a phone that great, comes…well a pretty massive price tag. So when you’re paying that much, it would be nice to have some added incentives.

This seems like an idea that Vodafone is happy to get involved with, currently offering not just a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deal with an unlimited data cap, but also throwing in a completely free pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds. 

And for those looking to become a member of the cutting-edge fraternity, Vodafone also has the exact same offer on the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, throwing you into the world of super fast speeds. The only catch, Vodafone’s 5G plans operate across three different speed caps so you might have to invest a bit more to make full use of those 5G speeds.

We’ve listed these two Galaxy S10 series offers down below, complete with the free Galaxy Buds. Or if these prices are just a bit too much, check out our guide to the best mobile phone deals for everything else the market has to offer.

Vodafone’s Galaxy S10 + Galaxy Buds offer:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus | Vodafone | £29 upfront | Unlimited data | Unlimited texts and calls | £56pm + free Galaxy Buds
Our pick for the best phone in the world, unlimited data and a free pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds – there is a lot to love here. The only downside is that pretty high price. To get your hands on this offer you will need to pay £56 each month.
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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G | Vodafone | £29 upfront | Unlimited data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £72 per month
5G isn’t exactly an affordable venture yet, but when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, this is a pretty great price. especially considering both the unlimited data and free Galaxy Buds. However, with Vodafone’s three 5G speed packages, this price will get you the slowest option. To really get full access to the capabilities of 5G, it will cost £79 a month.
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While this offer is impressive – the world’s best phones and a free pair of headphones – you can get it cheaper if you look around. A look at our Samsung Galaxy S10 deals and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G deals guides will show you the top prices.

Still want those headphones? We also have a guide to the best Samsung Galaxy Bud deals.

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