Forget Note 10 deals, this stellar Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus contract is the way to go

Samsung’s new and stylish Note 10 has been on the market for roughly a month now and we love it. But until it comes down from its dizzily high price tag, Note 10 deals would not be our flagship Samsung recommendation.

Don’t get us wrong, if you’re a productivity wizard, performing shortcuts and magic tricks with Samsung’s ‘S’ pen, this will be the phone for you. But, if you would rather leave pens with paper, Samsung’s older Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus could be a better match.

There’s a few reasons for this but primarily it comes down to price. With our favourite Galaxy S10 Plus deal offering a massive 100GB of data for just £39, you are saving hundreds by going for Samsung’s older device.

Beyond price, you’re getting a bigger screen, more powerful processor and even a bigger battery with the S10 Plus. In fact, the only thing the Note 10 does bigger is its price tag.

Below you’ll find our pick of the best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deal in full. Or, if the ‘S’ pen really is calling you, check out our Samsung Galaxy Note 10 deals guide.

This Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deal:

What’s the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus like?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is about as good as phones come right now – it’s gone straight to the top of our best smartphone charts. The S10 Plus has a beautiful infinity-O display, in-screen fingerprint scanner, strong battery life and a powerful processor. But obviously with all of these features comes a big price, which is where this excellent offer comes into play. 

Read our review on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 

Or if you still can’t quite bring yourself to pay the prices of an S10 Plus, then Samsung Galaxy S10e deals could be a great alternative. Rocking many of the same features at a lower price, the S10e might be better for those on a budget.

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