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Fall Guys
Fall Guys
Game Rating
User Ratings: 3
Our Review: Scroll Down
Beyond Blunderdome
Version Reviewed: European
Fall Guys was a surprise hit back in 2020. The then-indie developer Mediatonic’s take on the battle royale genre starring those funny little jellybean characters took the world by storm during the height of the COVID pandemic. After an almost two-year wait and coinciding with its free-to-play launch, Fall Guys has finally landed on Nintendo’s turf with a solid, albeit flawed conversion.
For those of you unacquainted, Fall Guys is a 60-bean battle royale game show. Rather than the usual battle royale fare of blasting your enemies into a bloody pulp — or sending garbage in Tetris 99 — Fall Guys is a platformer in which you compete in several different rounds of minigames to take the crown at the end of the show. Think of it as the video game equivalent of Takeshi’s Castle (from which some rounds in Fall Guys are taken directly), a show that any Americans may know by its vastly inferior Craig Charles-less version, MXC.
Fall Guys’ matchmaking is split into shows; you have the ‘Main show’ in which you and 59 other beans compete solo to win an elusive crown, which is also in rotation. You also have the option to compete as part of a two or four-person squad to win shards (of which 60 make up a full crown). There’s also a selection of rotating show types which range from being as simple as squads with three players to specialised shows like Jump Around, which gives you two straight rounds of ‘Jump Club’ (followed by its finals variant ‘Jump Showdown’).
The game’s rounds fall into different categories. Making up the majority are races, in which you must manoeuvre your bean through treacherous courses with only the top percentage of players qualifying for the next round. Then there’s Survival, in which — as the name implies — you must survive as long as possible, either until a timer runs out or a select number of players are eliminated. Hunt focuses on objectives such as having a tail when the timer runs out or spending a certain amount of time within a certain zone, and Logic, which consists of a couple of fruit-based memory games. Rounding out these categories are Team and Finals, which are variants of other categories focused on teamwork or being the last bean standing.
So what’s new with the Switch version? Aside from the obvious addition of handheld and docked modes, not much. All six seasons of content are included off the bat as well as a brand new seventh season ironically named ‘Season One’, with each one having a specific theme like Jungle, Future, or Medieval. As the Switch release coincides with the free-to-play launch, features that are new to the game such as a premium battle pass are included.
Running at 720p/30fps in handheld mode and 1080p/30fps in docked mode, Fall Guys’ gameplay remains unaffected by the move to Switch. While we’ve experienced no noticeable frame drops during our time with it, the menus and end-of-round screens seem to be a bit laggier than usual (while this could very well be attributed to server issues, it was not present when we checked other versions of the game). The big catch, however, is that every other player in the match appears to be rendered at half the frame rate in both handheld and docked modes. While this has no effect on gameplay, it looks incredibly choppy and sticks out like a sore thumb in the otherwise smooth conversion to Switch.
The Switch release includes cross-play and cross-progression through the use of an Epic Games account, meaning all of your progress, emotes, and costumes (yes, even the Playstation character ones) will carry over to Switch. If you owned a copy of the game previously on Playstation or PC, you’re also given the legacy pack, which includes exclusive costumes, nameplates, and free access to the first season’s premium battle pass. Worth noting, however, is that there is no guarantee that Switch owners will be able to access legacy content like the Sonic and Doom crossover costumes — unless of course they’re rotated into the shop once again.
However, due to the introduction of the premium battle pass and premium currency ‘Show-Bucks’ along with it, Mediatonic has made some changes to the previous in-game currency. Kudos — the game’s main currency — will no longer be given out after every game and can now only be earned through challenges, and only spent on items with a common rarity. Additionally, Crowns — which were previously earned from winning shows and were able to be spent on special outfits — are no longer spendable, with their only use now being the crown rank system. All of your account’s remaining crowns will be exchanged for Kudos. For veterans of the game this is pretty disappointing considering Crowns used to feel like a big reward allowing you to get the best costumes.
Fall Guys’ brand of chaotic fun is still great all of these years later, and the free-to-play Switch release is no different, assuming you can ignore your opponents’ choppy frame rate. While there are some disappointing elements linked to cross-progression, those ultimately won’t matter if this is your first time entering the Blunderdome. Some moments of lag and frame rate quirks aside, the Switch version offers a solid way to play if you’re looking for some barmy 60-bean battling and the barrier to entry has never been lower.

Good 7/10
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Comments (33)
Jeez, the Switch version of this game didn’t turn out so hot. Still seems good enough for the people who waited to play this game on Switch, and the cross progression for existing players is great.
But we’ll see if this game will do great free-to-play, or it will simply be knocked out.
Goes to show how a little extra money for exclusivity can ruin the hype. They shouldn’t have accepted Sony’s money to make this a PS timed exclusive.
Takes like 5 minutes to find a match haha..
Guess the community is kind of gone after it being out for so long. Or maybe I’m just spoiled by Epics Fortnite where it takes all of 20 seconds to find 100.
So basically…the experience on the Switch is about…hm…average at best, eh? I suppose that’s fine. Though abit of tweaking could’ve been helpful.
At this point, I think most people would prefer to stick with the PC version. There are better alternatives anyways. I guess the Switch will do fine for those who have no access to a hi-spec PC or just want to play portable.
One major question not answered here:
Do you need NSO to play it?
@Bunkerneath No, all f2p games don’t require that awful NSO.
The performance sounds a bit like the gameplay!! But if it keeps the fun element then I’ll play a few games.
It’s a shame that they removed the ability to spend crowns on costumes. Obviously Epic do need to monetise the game in some way now that it’s gone free to play, but it’s sad that it had to be this that bit the bullet. I wonder how the game will motivate people to try to win games now, if not by the promise of cool skins.
Today I learned that the Americans got Takeshi’s Castle minus Craig Charles. That’s like getting a meatball sub minus meatballs.
@SteamEngenius Thank you. That information really should have been in the article, as I was wondering the same thing.
This game is a little too chaotic/random and frustrating for me. You never really feel like you’re in control of your character, so when dumb s*** starts happening to you, it’s really not much fun.
@ModdedInkling Wasn’t the PS Plus release the thing that skyrocketed awareness for the game in the first place? Not only did it become the most redeemed PS Plus game of all time, but it was also the number one streamed game upon release if my memory serves me right. I’d say without that boost there wouldn’t be nearly as much people who heard about the game and were waiting for it to go free to play.
Or it’s 630am where I’m at, not everyone is awake this early to play Fall Guys
Hope there is a 30fps only mode for cross play, otherwise it’s a huge disadvantage for us peasants.
Too late to the table I guess!
People would have said it was too late for it to come on the switch or the new ftp model sucks.
Not gonna lie, I’m not a fan of the changes ether, and guess what it works just like Fortnite, why am I not surprised lol.
Visually I think it actually looks great, I thought it would look like garbage to tell you the truth, though I have only seen it, yet to have played it.
All in all, probably going to stick with the ps4 version.
Performance issues aside, it’s great to have Fall Guys on Switch. It’s a great fit for the system.
Why? 30, 60 or 120 fps the game plays the same
As a UK-resident American for 12 years, I have seen both MXC and the Craig Charles Takeshi’s Castle, so I can adjudicate the Which Is Best Argument, and I hate to say it but MXC is way better than Takeshi’s Castle with Craig Charles
I’ll give it a try to see what the hype is about. I don’t game on a PC and I don’t play my PS4 so this will be my first time with this game. I’m wondering how many of the problems pointed out in this review will be remedied in a few weeks time?
The performance is shockingly bad. I mean, come on. This is Fall Guys. There’s no excuse for having such distracting visual effects.
@steventonysmith Not really, 60fps means smoother gameplay and controls than 30fps
Ok for a game that has wonky physics and controls on purpose already?
For a person who only has seen some trailers and has no idea what the game is about, this review is very un-informative. I just wonder if I can have a good time logging in for twenty minutes, falling off a cliff a few times, and switching back to whatever I’m playing.
I’ve no idea what the modes mean, what do you spend in-game money on, and whether it’s fun if I don’t care about graphics and framerate.
Yes this game has been out for over a year, you can do your own research or watch the countless gameplay videos from the thousands of Twitch streamers so see if it’s a game you’d like.
@nessisonett Don’t even get me STARTED on that TC reboot where they brought in the Kemp’s as commentators and they would constantly pan away from the actual action to see them in a recording booth.
@steventonysmith why would I read NL reviews if I watched gameplay videos and did my own research for every game? I’d spend few hours on the game itself without needing a review then. I play exclusively on Switch, so I naturally don’t care for technical things compared to next-gen consoles and PC, and what has changed (? — the game was published just now).
This review is “by the numbers”, meaning I can easily find all the facts mentioned elsewhere. What I expected is how it feels to be played on Switch — and there’s virtually nothing on that.
Yesssssss after so long waiting it’s finally here!
By far the game I played the least on Steam. Very annoying. The gameplay is horrible, you never feel like you’re in control of your puppet. It’s very difficult, even with all the skill in the world. Dark Souls is easier than this game. In Fall Guys it is difficult to even walk in a straight line. Zero fun for me.
So glad it’s finally here. Can’t wait to get started.
@Bunkerneath You don´t need to have NSO to play games like Fall Guys, Rocket League (best online multiplayer ever), Fortnite, Brawlhalla….etc…
Just here to clear up some misinformation: The review says that Kudos aren’t given out after every game anymore. This is not the case.
So happy to Fall Guys on Switch and how good it runs and looks!
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Fall Guys
Also Available For:
PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4
Epic Games
1 (60 Online)
Switch eShop Release Date:
21st Jun 2022 (US/Canada), Free
21st Jun 2022 (UK/EU/AU), Free
Official Site:
Where to buy:

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