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Last updated: June 8th, 2022 at 17:33 UTC+02:00
One UI 5.0 is the next major iteration of Samsung’s custom Android skin. The company is going to release it later this year alongside Android 13. Expect Samsung to launch the One UI 5.0 beta program in the coming months.
It obviously hasn’t revealed any details about One UI 5.0 at this point in time, but we’ve managed to find some. We hear that One UI 5.0 is going to significantly improve the UI animation speeds.
With the One UI 5.0 development in full swing at Samsung, speeding up the user interface is one of the main items on the agenda. The team is working on significantly improving the UI navigation speeds. It’s also going to optimize the animations so that they’re smoother and faster.
This change, which many would consider being minor, will have a big impact on the user experience. Nobody has ever complained about a user interface that feels highly optimized and doesn’t show any signs of lag. It will gel nicely with the higher refresh rate displays on Samsung’s premium devices, providing an impressive user experience.
Expect Samsung to unveil all of the improvements that it’s going to make in One UI 5.0 at its Samsung Developers’ Conference event later this year. SDC 2021 took place in October last year and the One UI 4.0 beta was launched not long after that.
So the company might follow a similar timeframe for One UI 5.0 this year. Once it’s unveiled at SDC 2022, we can expect the beta to go live in the following weeks. One UI 5.0 will likely be released for existing devices before the end of this year. These are the eligible Samsung devices for One UI 5.0.
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