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By Logan Moore – December 21, 2021 12:41 pm EST
The Epic Games Store has revealed the latest free game that it is making available to customers for a single 24-hour period. Over the course of the past week, Epic Games has been continuing its annual promotion where it gives out a number of free titles for free in a 15-day period. As expected, this event has continued today, although the free game that Epic is giving out is just a bit different in nature compared to some others that we have seen in the past few days. 
Today’s newest free game that the Epic Games Store is giving out is that of Second Extinction. Developed by Systemic Reaction, the game is a co-op-focused shooter that sees players taking on dinosaurs in a fantastical setting. The big difference with Second Extinction, however, is that the game is still in Early Acccess. This means that it hasn’t yet reached its 1.0 iteration and will continue to be frequently updated over time.  
Second Extinction is free on Epic Games Store for the next 24 hours. Another free mystery title tomorrow (maybe Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden) https://t.co/0xGyqk3O7R pic.twitter.com/p7eVOEvZnO
“The goal is simple: Reclaim Earth. In Second Extinction you take on hordes of mutated dinosaurs with up to two friends. Solo players beware: Second Extinction is designed with squads in mind,” says a description of the game via the Epic Games Store. “Big map. Big dinosaurs. Big guns. Face an ever changing threat level with your friends. Second Extinction is an online co-op FPS with a bite.”
Once again, Second Extinction will only be available to add to your own library on the Epic Games Store for today. So if you want to grab it for yourself, you’ll need to act before 11:00am EDT on December 22. When this time comes to pass, Epic will then be making another game free to download and Second Extinction will go back to retailing for its usual fare. 
What do you think about this latest free game that the Epic Games Store is giving out? And what games are you hoping to see come to the platform in the next days? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.
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