EP. 73 – The Murders Of John Riggins And Sabrina Gonsalves [True Crime]

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It took nearly 32 years, but the Riggins and Gonsalves families eventually received the verdict they sought. A Sacramento County jury debated for about three hours Monday before convicting Richard Joseph Hirschfield of the crime that has plagued the Davis town for years – the Dec. 20, 1980, kidnap-murders of UC Davis sweethearts John Riggins and Sabrina Gonsalves.

Their charges were dropped in light of the newly acquired DNA evidence, but the case remained unsolved until 2002, when Sacramento County murder detectives reexamined the evidence. The DNA recovered from a semen-stained blanket found in Riggins’ vehicle, which was abandoned on Folsom Boulevard about a mile from the murder site, was essential to the case against Hirschfield who was serving time in a Washington state jail for child abuse.

Hirschfield had already served five years in jail for robbery and rape before being released from a Vacaville facility just five months before the Riggins-Gonsalves slayings, according to investigators.

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The murder of John Riggins And Sabrina Gonsalves
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