England thrash Netherlands to win third ODI and take series 3-0 – as it happened | Netherlands cricket team


England take the series 3-0

In truth they weren’t really challenged by an underperforming Dutch side but they will take plenty of heart from how clinical they were this past week. Newbies such as Phil Salt, Brydon Carse and David Payne have given good accounts of themselves too.

There is one slight fly in the gazpacho – Eoin Morgan can’t buy a run and sat out today’s match with injury, the players back him wholeheartedly but the rumours and what-ifs will continue to swirl whilst he isn’t contributing with the bat.

That’s me done for the day, I’ve got time to kill before me haircut now too – thanks Jos and Jason! And thanks for the emails and tweets, I’ll be back to OBO the Headingley Test, do join us for that.

Until then, goodbye!

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Player of the Match goes to Jason Roy: “Very chuffed to finish on a high, and send our fans home with a smile on their faces. We’ve always prided ourselves on our standards, the bowlers were great.

The new boys look like they’ve played 50 games, the future’s bright. The fans have been unbelievable, we should make a habit of coming here…”

Player of the series goes to stand in skipper Jos Buttler: I’m in good form but it is important to keep going and not get too giddy with it. There’s a lot of cricket coming up in a short space of time and its nice to see more guys standing up on this trip.”

Netherlands skipper Scott Edwards: “We took some good learnings from the series, the boys will be better for it. Credit to England they bowled really well after that 30th over and tied us down.”


England win in style!

By 8 wickets and with 119 balls remaining! Emphatic from Buttler who plays one of those incredible wristy flicks off Tim Pringle that soars high over long-on for SIX! Buttler and Roy embrace, all smiles in Amstelveen.

30th over: England 242-2 (Roy 101, Buttler 80) Roy has to go some to bring up his hundred before Buttler finishes this match… he duly plays three flashing drives to get him the required runs! 4, 4 and 4 down the ground to go to his tenth ODI hundred, that also draws him level with the man at the other end. He missed out on the run fest in the first game but has cashed in here.

29th over: England 226-2 (Roy 88, Buttler 78) WOW. What an over. Brutal hitting from Buttler, in more ways than one. He sends van Meekeren deep into the stands with a wristy flick. A flat bat to cow corner brings four more before a SEVEN! Yep, you read that right – the ball gets stuck in van Meekeren’s hand and bounces twice, Buttler waiting patiently for the ball to sit up and smearing it long and far into the crowd. He then blasts the FREE HIT down the ground for SIX. Yikes. 26 runs off the over.

28th over: England 200-2 (Roy 88, Buttler 53) Roy bunts de Leede away over long on to bring up the two hundred for England. He needs twelve more for a tenth ODI hundred.

27th over: England 194-2 (Roy 83, Buttler 52) Just a couple off van Meekeren. On we go.

26th over: England 192-2 (Roy 82, Buttler 51) DROP! Leading edge from Roy and Klaassen spills the return grab. The PA plays Lovely Day by Bill Withers. Cruel world.

The thing with Jos Buttler is, you look up, and he’s already on a million

— Cameron Ponsonby (@cameronponsonby) June 22, 2022

25th over: England 183-2 (Roy 74, Buttler 48) FIFTY for Buttler as he pulls van Meekeren away powerfully for a couple. 44 balls, positively pedestrian by his standards. Just 62 more needed now.

24th over: England 180-2 (Roy 74, Buttler 48) Klaassen bowls to Buttler, it’s noted that these two are teammates for Manchester Originals. Buttler is restrained and works Fred for singles. Seven runs picked up easily from the over.

This guy can’t get enough of the cricket atm.

23rd over: England 173-2 (Roy 70, Buttler 46) That’s more like it… ten off the over as Roy bookends the over with boundaries, the first a deft sweep and the second a slog for a one bounce four. Poor Pringle.

22nd over: England 163-2 (Roy 61, Buttler 45) Klaassen returns to the fold and this pair seem content to rotate strike as proceedings take a slight lull. C’mon lads I’ve got to be beautified in a bit, I’m relying on you to get this done quickly!

21st over: England 160-2 (Roy 60, Buttler 44) Pringle does well to restrict this pair to just five singles off the over.


20th over: England 155-2 (Roy 57, Buttler 42) 90 off 180 needed for England. Tim ‘Normaaaan’ Pringle is coming back into the attack. Don’t envy him having to bowl at Roy and Buttler in this form. ‘Character building’, as they say.

19th over: England 152-2 (Roy 55, Buttler 41) Buttler sorts Dutt out for a six and a four after Roy tickles one through the keeper for four which has to go down as a drop. England motoring.

18th over: England 136-2 (Roy 50, Buttler 30) Just a couple off van Beek but one of them sees Jason Roy go to FIFTY in 47 balls. His second of the series, he’ll be eyeing a ton here fo’sho.

Nice one Adil Rashid.

17th over: England 134-2 (Roy 49, Buttler 29) A dismissive flat bat shot for four by Buttler off spinner Aryan Dutt sees the umpires call for drinks.

England need 111 from 33 overs. Time for a quick slurp.

16th over: England 126-2 (Roy 49, Buttler 23) Buttler crunches another drive for four, he’s just starting to move through the gears. Beware in the stands.

David Harris is all about 1984:

“Regarding establishing your musical bent, for me it was 1984, the year that saw The Works (Queen), Grace Under Pressure (Rush), Fugazi (Marillion) and Powerslave (Iron Maiden). Other bands have come and gone, but those four have remained my staples to this day, and Rush aside, since Neil Peart’s sad passing, I still try to get to see them when I can, 9 years living in SE Asia notwithstanding.”

15th over: England 118-2 (Roy 46, Buttler 18) Pringle, who I’ve worked out reminds me of Curly Watts from Coronation Street AND Norman from Fireman Sam… is dabbed away for four by Captain Jos.

14th over: England 111-2 (Roy 45, Buttler 12) Buttler gets into his stride by smiting a couple of drives away to the fence.

Anyone been watching these?

13th over: England 101-2 (Roy 44, Buttler 3) Roy powers a sweep away off Pringle for four after trying in vain to connect with some funky reverse stuff.

England need 144 from 37 overs. Reckon they’ll be ok.

12th over: England 95-2 (Roy 39, Buttler 2) A slip comes in for Buttler and Dominic Cork on comms is very much in favour. He’s ticking at the lack of a plan from the Dutch at the start fo the innings when they seemed to just want to bang it in short. Both wickets fell to pitched up deliveries that deviated a little so he has a point.

11th over: England 92-2 (Roy 37, Buttler 1) Roy glides Pringle away fine for four and then milks a few singles as things calm down slightly after the double whammy from van Meekeren.

“Hi Jim, welcome back”

Thanks John Foster, good to be back on the OBO tools.

“All this chat reminds me of a quotation from a (probably no longer acceptable) novel: ‘Whatever happens to a boy [sic] in the summer when he’s fourteen will shape him for the rest of his life’. For me it was Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and a succession of abject England cricket performances. Might not be the best, might not be the norm, but that’s what sticks – for you, at that time.

In language teaching, they talk of a phenomenon called ‘fossilisation’, which means a recurring, deeply embedded, linguistic error that’s been so obscured by an overall communicative competence that it can’t be fixed and doesn’t really matter. Aren’t all our music/cricketing preferences/prejudices essentially fossilised from about that age? We’re all fossils but it’s nice when somebody chips away at the rock.


That is great John, and definitely strikes a chord. I’m off to see The Strokes with my old school pals in a few weeks. Talk about fossils…

“When we was young, oh man, did we have fun

WICKET! Malan b van Meekeren 0 (England 85-2)

Two in the over! Malan shuffles over to off stump and misses a straight ball to fall for a two ball duck!

10th over: England 85-2 (Roy 31, Buttler)

WICKET! Salt b van Meekeren 49 (England 85-1)

Salt struck nine boundaries and looked set for a big one but he misses one that nips back and tickles the bails top depart one shy of a fifty. Dawid Malan is the new man.

Paul van Meekeren celebrates with teammates after taking the wicket of England’s Phil Salt.
Paul van Meekeren celebrates with teammates after taking the wicket of England’s Phil Salt. Photograph: Piroschka van de Wouw/Reuters

9th over: England 81-0 (Roy 31, Salt 45) Tim Pringle comes on for some PowerPlay spin. A mis-field sees Salt pick up another boundary. Gah! Cooper the guilty man.

Richard Hirst emails in:

“Hi James Whilst I agree with James Starbuck about the favoured era being the one where your team did best as far as football is concerned, I don’t regard cricket in the same way. I’m much more prepared to recognise the greatness of other teams, so I would say mid to late seventies, where Lillee and Thomson overlapped with the greatest of all (West Indian) teams. But then even I’m not old enough to have seen Bradman and the Invincibles.”

8th over: England 72-0 (Roy 29, Salt 38) Change of bowling but largely same result… Paul van Meekeren is crunched away on the pull by both Roy and Salt and 12 runs are plundered from the over.

7th over: England 60-0 (Roy 22, Salt 34) The weather is fine but it continues to rain boundaries. The Netherlands are bowling too short and these two openers do not miss out on a chance to cash in. Klaassen is bowling with good pace and he hurries Roy up a couple of times but it’s all too rag tag to build any pressure. After seven overs the home side were 20-1. England cruising at 60-0.

6th over: England 51-0 (Roy 18, Salt 30) Salt picks up FOUR boundaries off Van Beek, playing through the line and crunching a couple of short balls away into the leg side. All too easy for England.