EE’s best SIM only deals just got better: get a huge 160GB for just £20/pm

If you’re a big data eater, you’ll already have taken advantage of the best EE deals – and if you haven’t, you probably wish you had. With the UK’s fastest 4G speeds and top 5G performance for those who have compatible devices, EE is the gold standard when it comes to mobile data.

The only issue is that it’s not usually all that cheap, and you often have to pay over the odds for the pleasure of using EE’s fast data. However, this Black Friday SIM only deal is turning that on its head, and now you can grab tons of data on EE for cheap.

There are a couple of pretty similar deals on offer here. First up, for just £20 a month you can get 160GB of data. For most, that’ll be more than enough, and at £20 a month it’s a bargain.

If you want to push it a bit further, you can up that to 200GB for £23 a month. If your average usage lies north of 160GB but below 200GB, this is probably the one to go for, as an unlimited plan is almost twice the price. But, realistically, 160GB will probably be enough for the vast majority.

The only thing to note is that these are 24-month plans, so you’re tied in a for a while, and you’ll obviously need a SIM-free phone you’re happy to stick with. But, all things considered, they’re the absolute cheapest way of getting stratospheric amounts of data for cheap on EE.

These EE SIM only deals in detail:

What other SIM only deals are available?

While the above EE offer is certainly impressive, it isn’t the only bargain plan out there. Three is offering unlimited data for just £16 a month if you commit to 12 months, and Smarty is doling out one-month rolling plans with 50GB for just £12.

However, neither Three nor Smarty can compete with EE’s class-leading speeds or, frankly, the brand appeal. If you want ultimate speeds on the cheap, and to look bougie in the most minor way possible, bag one of those deals above.

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