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HUNDREDS of EE customers say they are still without mobile phone signal or internet after the network suffered an outage yesterday.
Problems started on Wednesday afternoon, with more than 1,000 issues logged by EE customers on outage detection site Down Detector.
Over 65% of the customer reports said no internet was the issue.
The issues were prevalent in London, Glasgow, Manchester and Leeds, among other locations.
An EE spokesperson said: "Some customers are having problems making calls and using data on our network.
"We’re working as quickly as possible to fix this and we’re really sorry for any inconvenience caused.
"EE broadband and landline services are not affected and customers can use a Wi-Fi calling to stay connected."
It comes as thousands of revellers head to Glastonbury festival this weekend, which EE is an official partner for.
Affected customers have taken to Twitter expressing their frustration at the outage.
One user said: "I've lost all signal from my phone. Can't even get 3g/4g. Is the network down?"
Another user said: "Network being down is LONG."
While another user added: "Are there network issues? Cannot find a signal and relying on wifi? Numerous calls have dropped due to no signal over the last few weeks."
EE replied to that customer: "I'm really disappointed to hear this, and it's absolutely something we can take a look into for you, as I appreciate it must be so frustrating."

There is compensation on offer if you are a customer affected by broadband outages.
But this is unfortunately not usually the case for mobile networks.
However, you may still be entitled to compensation from EE if you experience a mobile phone outage.
EE has previously said any customers affected by outages can contact its customer service team who will look at compensation on a case by case basis.
Other mobile phone companies such as Three have previously given customers up to £20 off their bills following a nine-hour signal failure.
Ofcom says depending on the circumstances, your phone provider may have to offer you money back while repairs are being made leading to outages.
And if repairs take longer, you may be entitled to an additional refund or account credit.
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EE still down as hundreds say they have no signal or mobile internet
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