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Can’t find the time to keep up with tech news? Looking for some awesome lockdown listening? We have you covered with the Noise Cancelling podcast, which is brought to you by TechRadar and our sister sites Laptop Mag and Tom’s Guide.

The show is presented by Matt Phillips, of TechRadar, and Sherri L. Smith, Editor in Chief of Laptop Mag.

This week our guests are Adam Vjestica, Senior Games Writer at TechRadar, and Vic Hood, Gaming Editor at TechRadar, who join us (remotely, of course) to talk about the last seven days in tech.

Show Headlines
00:00 Start
00:59 The most awkward E3 moments
10:15 Gadget Hall of Fame – Zune
14:34 Gadget hall of Fame – Sega Mega Drive
16:59 Sherri’s 1st E3
19:43 Vic’s 1st E3
23:46 Celebrities in video games
26:50 The Borderlands movie
30:02 The return of good wrestling games
33:45 Def Jam needs a come back
34:36 No new Splinter Cell game
37:02 The best and worst horror games
39:30 Sims 5
43:58 More horror game chat
46:14 Far Cry 6
48:20 Friends: The Reunion
49:49 Need for Speed
50:16 Battlefield 6
50:42 Biomutant review
51:54 Horizon Forbidden West
52:47 Knockout City
54:21 Google Photos unlimited free storage no more
55:25 Sign off

This week we have a whole bunch of gaming experts on so it would be a shame if we didn’t do a big old gaming deep dive ahead of E3 2021. We chat all about the worst E3 moments of all time, the best celebrity video game cameos and reminisce about the Zune.

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