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A drunk man who trashed his flat while drunkenly looking for his lost mobile phone caused almost £8,000 of damage, a court has been told.
Aleksander Sosnowski was shouting and screaming when he turned parts of his Aberdeen flat upside down as he searched for the missing mobile.
The 32-year-old’s destructive rampage was so loud that two sets of neighbours reported him to the landlord, who in turn got in touch with the police, Aberdeen Sheriff Court was told.
Fiscal depute Emma Petersen said the private landlord discovered the flat on King Street completely trashed on November 15 2019.
“The landlord was contacted by another tenant advising him that there was a lot of noise coming from the address and that the flat doors had been damaged,” she said.
“He attended and found the back door damaged, and upon entering saw that tables and chairs had been destroyed as well as a light fitting.
“Within the kitchen, the microwave had been smashed up too.”
“One neighbour was awoken by the disturbance and heard the items being thrown around and the accused screaming and crying,” the fiscal added.
“He and another neighbour both contacted the landlord about the disturbance because they were scared.”
When police were called in they found the front door had been ripped off the hinges and furniture strewn around the flat, most of it damaged and beyond repair.
Sosnowski admitted to officers that he caused the damage and said it was because he had been looking for his mobile phone.
The full extent of the damage totalled £7,700.
Sosnowski appeared in the dock from HMP Grampian where he is currently serving a 10-month sentence for thefts and breach of the peace charges.
He pled guilty to a charge of threatening and abusive behaviour.
Defence agent Caitlin Pirie said the destructive rampage had been down to a dependency on alcohol after Sosnowski’s wife and five-year-old daughter returned to Poland.
“He has had no contact with his daughter since,” she said. “At the time of this offence, he was finding it particularly hard to deal with the break-up of his family.
“He was working part-time and had this lease as a private tenant but he was using alcohol to deal with his emotions.”
She said Sosnowski had “little memory” of the day and only recalls smashing up the microwave and looking for his phone.
“He was under the influence and knows that trashing the property in this way was not acceptable. He has only just heard the cost of the damage for the first time today.”
Sheriff William Summers told him his behaviour had been “disgraceful”, adding: “This must have been a disturbing incident for your neighbours and beyond that, you caused almost £8,000 of damage to the flat you were living in.”
He ordered Sosnowski, of Crown Street, to serve an additional four months in prison starting from his current liberation date in March next year.
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