Disconnect to Connect: How overuse of technology impacts our lives with Dr. Mitika Kanabar MD

Dr. Kanabar talks about the less known aspects of Lifestyle Medicine: Curtailing unhealthy substance use, and mindful use of technology.

Dr. Mitika Kanabar MD MPH FASAM Dip ABLM is an Addiction Medicine physician helping patients with substance use disorders in rural California. Dr. Kanabar completed her Addiction Medicine fellowship from Stanford University. She is triple boarded in Addiction Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine and Family Medicine. As a member of the NEXT committee of the International Society of Addiction Medicine

Dr. Kanabar is involved in international networking, collaboration and mentorship for early career addiction professionals. As a part of her outreach efforts in the Indian subcontinent, Dr. Kanabar has spoken in public forums of the harms of process addictions and problematic internet use. She has a keen interest in lifestyle modification for chronic diseases and application of the same in patients with substance use disorders.

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