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1. Our machine exported to all over the world:

Italy,UK,Poland,USA,Russia,Spain,Turkey,Ukraine,Seychelles, Australia,Canada,Brazil,India, Lebanon,Kenya,Greece,UAE,Czech Republic,Vietnam,Pakistan, Portugal,Iran, Africa …

if you are interested in it and want to get more professional inforrmation,please contact me.

2. process of corrugated pipe extrusion machine

Loader—Single screw extruder—Die—Forming moulds—Water tank optional—Haul off and cutter optional—Double working—station winder

3. material of corrugated pipe extrusion machine


4. application of corrugated pipe

auto wire

electric thread-passing pipes

circuit of machine tool

protective pipes of lamps and lanterns wire

tubes of air conditioner and washing machine

5. classification of corrugated pipe

PP/PE 10-32 incombustible plastic corrugated pipes,
4.5-9MM Incombustible plastic corrugated pipes,
Bi-colour plastic corrugated pipes,
corrugated pipes with joint, Extension corrugated pipes,
magic corrugated pipes

6. the whole production line main include:

single extruder
die head
corrugation forming machine
winding machine

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