Corinna Kopf’s Onlyfans is Top Tier Content

welcome back to the channel, all right, so I don’t know about you but if you think about it you know if you really maximize the efficiency of your brain you know you combine all of your brain cells together you can come to a pretty conclusive answer that twitter is quite possibly the horniest site on the internet. And if you have an onlyfans your best bet is twitter you might think it’s reddit but it’s not and look I know reddit can be pretty horny but it doesn’t reach the lengths that torture does when it comes to the need to be sent to a horny jail now no matter what. If you look at any viral tweet there’s a 50/50 chance of a woman promoting their onlyfans somewhere hidden deep within the replies was either that or it’s like the first thing you see and no one wants to see that because no one is buying your only fans you have to be some top tier well known, world renowned, big booty streamer on twitch for me to even take the time to scroll past the link as i browse the replies because i will never pay money to see some somebody naked woman when you can just go to reddit to find it all right they literally have a sub reddit for everything, and now that actually think about it reddit can be pretty horny to. I guess twitter and reddit kind of share the same audience now there is this youtube star and gamer girl named Corinna Kopf who put out a tweet “five-hundred thousand likes and I’m making onlyfans” you know only four hundred and twenty six thousand lakes not quite the five hundred thousand light goal in as you can see she kinda came early you know she got a bit too excited as I would as well thinking about all the moolah I would be pulling in.

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Corinna Kopf is definitely catching the bag with this one ngl…

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