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In early December, the first batch of cherries in winter began to go on the market gradually, and a J-level fruit sold for about 200 RMB/ kg. However, after about half a month from the market, the price of cherries on the market began to drop. J-level ones dropped from 200 RMB/ kg to 160 RMB/ kg, and JJ-level ones dropped from 240 RMB/ kg to 198 RMB/ kg, with about a drop of 20%.
According to the insiders, from the end of 2020 to the beginning of 2021, cherries have experienced a round of price cuts. The prices initially listed at the beginning were not particularly high compared to previous years, and price cuts soon appeared. As the Spring Festival season approaches, arrivals of cherries continue to increase, and prices may continue to maintain a steady and slight downward trend.

The price of cherries fell sharply last year. The main reason was the bumper harvest in the production area and sufficient supply. At present, it seems that there are a lot of incoming goods this year, and the price should be relatively stable. Some sellers said that it is not possible to predict the market trend of cherries at present, but according to the price reduction trend in the past half month, it should not be particularly expensive around the Spring Festival.
At present, imported cherries are mainly from Chile, and the production area has achieved a large number of exports through continuous harvest. At the same time, various e-commerce platforms also have sufficient purchase and inventory of cherries, which also makes the price of this hot-selling fruit steadily decrease during the current peak consumption season.
However, according to the insiders, the price of cherries almost plummeted last year, and practitioners in the entire industry chain will make corresponding adjustments. It is less likely that similar low prices will occur in 2022, and the public will probably get more reasonable and more affordable prices for cherries.
Source: Jimu News
Publication date: Thu 23 Dec 2021

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