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Hoping to move before the start of the school year, artists Petra and Patrick are desperate to sell their stately Victorian home in Savannah, Georgia. But after seven months on the market, they’ve had no luck. While the gracious four-bedroom property features loads of curb appeal and period details, the creepy décor is turning buyers off. Property expert Sofie Allsopp explains the taxidermy, decapitated dolls, and dreary colour scheme have got to go. With a neutral design plan that’s designed to impress, she gets the entire family involved in a major overhaul that includes a whitewash and custom artwork.

From The Unsellables – Museum Manor

British real estate agent Sofie Allsopp takes on the challenges of getting homeowners to understand what it takes to get their homes sold. Along for the ride is contractor Anthony Sayers, who completes the makeovers recommended by Allsopp.

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