Canon EOS R5 vs EOS R6 |10 key differences you need to know

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Canon EOS R5 vs EOS R6

Canon has finally officially announced the much-anticipated EOS R5 and the spec sheet looks like it holds up to what everyone was hoping for. But with 45 megapixels stills and 8K video recording the specs are equally as astonishing as the cost.

And that is where the EOS R6 comes in, not that the R6 should really be considered a major step down – it’s more like a compelling alternative to the EOS R5. Hierarchically, it sits between the Canon EOS R and the EOS R5, and is the mirrorless equivalent of Canon’s 6D-series DSLRs.

The R5 and R6 share an almost identical body, have the same in-body image stabilization system, can both shoot at 12fps using the mechanical shutter and both benefit from the latest version of Canon Dual Pixel autofocus.

But there are several differences you need to know about so let’s get into the 10 key differences between the new Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6.

First, the most obvious difference between the two is their price tags. The Canon EOS R5 has a body-only price of $3,899 [£4,199 / around AU$7,585] and will be available from the end of July, while the Canon EOS R6 is significantly more affordable at $2,499 £2,499 around AU$4,515

The Canon EOS R5 is clearly aimed at professionals who demand a lot from their gear, including highly detailed stills and equally detailed video footage. It’s these extras in terms of features and performance that Canon hopes will justify the R5’s higher price to creatives who shoot professionally for a living, but the R6 is no slouch.

We’ll find out for sure in our full reviews of these cameras go live on-site very soon.
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